buy Crystal 1st Doctor In The Tardis

Crystal 1st Doctor In The Tardis

Now there is this Crystal 1st Doctor In The Tardis figure that looks stunning in your home in the light and the dark.

This is a solid K9 crystal that is 5 inches tall and it is looks like the Tardis and inside it you find the 1st Doctor Who the one that it all started it so long ago.

And the Doctor Who crystal comes with a Doctor Who base with LED lights inside it and that makes the crystal look stunning in the dark in your home.

If you are a true fan that want something to remind us all of where it all started then this is what you need.

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buy Tardis Console Lamp

Tardis Console Lamp

Doctor Who fan don’t have to be in the dark all thanks to this Tardis Console Lamp.

This lamp looks like the Tardis console that we all have seen inside the Tardis and in the middle there you find a lava lamp that will bring light to the dark.

The Doctor Who lamp is 14.75 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide and runs on a 25watt bulb that is included.

So if you like fun lamp for on a side table or maybe your bedsite table then this Doctor Who Tardis lamp is just what you need especially if you like Doctor Who.

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buy Battery Powered Tardis String Lights

Battery Powered Tardis String Lights

Sure there are Doctor Who string lights but now there are battery powered Tardis string lights and that means you can use these lights almost anywhere.

The Tardis lights look like the Tardis and have an LED light build into it. The lights run on 3 AA batteries and even has a fun 6 hours on and 18 hours off feature so that you don’t have to worry about turning then on or off if you want.

You can have these lights for in your room, Christmas tree, living room and maybe even the tent when camping. So now you are not depended on a power socket because these Doctor Who lights just run on battery power.

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buy Crystalline Tardis Light

Crystalline Tardis Light

If you like the Doctor and his Tardis then this crystal figure is what you just have to see.

The piece is a crystal Tardis with inside the 12th Doctor pointing at you and yes it is 3D so you can look from all sides.

The Tardis comes on a base that has the Doctor Who logo and a LED light so that the Tardis can light up blue and becomes a cool light.

The crystal Tardis on its base is 5.5 inches tall and comes in a nice presentation box making it a special gift for a true Doctor Who fan or for yourself.

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buy Tardis Vortex Wall Light

Tardis Vortex Wall Light

The Tardis can now be the light in the dark in your home as this is a Tardis wall light.

The Doctor Who police box will look stunning on any wall as it looks like it is coming right through it like it is moving through a vortex to appear in your home.

Doctor Who fan now can have an amazing looking Tardis hanging on their wall and when it gets dark things get even better as the windows and the top light come on.

The wall light runs on 3 AA batteries and that means you can basically hang it anywhere you want as it does not need any wires.

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buy Adipose String Lights

Adipose String Lights

String lights are great for in the Christmas tree but this set of Adipose lights are great for year long use by a true Doctor Who fan.

The sting light has 10 Adipose lights and is great for indoor or outdoor use.

Just imagine having the fat eating creatures in your Christmas tree it will be so much fun. Also just having a string on your bedroom wall will make your room looks more cosy because of these cute lights.

Of course you have to like Doctor Who to really enjoy these fun Christmas lights.

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buy Dalek String Lights

Dalek String Lights

A Christmas tree needs lights but a string light does not have to be only for Christmas. Like this Dalek string lights is great for the Christmas tree but also just to decorate your bedroom.

The string lights has 10 Daleks on it and they are 2.5 inch tall. The 10 lights come on a 12 foot cord and can be used indoor or outdoor.

OK maybe for most people Daleks don’t bring Christmas spirit but that does not mean that they are not cool lights to have hanging around specially if you are a real big Doctor Who fan.

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buy Weeping Angel String Lights

Weeping Angel String Lights

Around Christmas and Halloween lights on strings become very common but most of those string lights are just plain and kinda boring.

But if you are a Doctor Who fan then we found you the perfect string light with Weeping Angel’s on them.

The Doctor Who string light is good for indoor and outdoors and it maybe great for Halloween and Christmas as it has scary angels on them.

The Weeping Angel on this string comes in different postures to make them look as real as on TV. And if you want you can even make the Weeping Angel’s flash and I just wonder if that counts as blinking.

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buy Tardis Book Light

Tardis Book Light

Doctor Who Tardis Book Light

What do you use in the dark to read?

Do you have a Tardis book light? If not then you have to look at this book light.

The Doctor Who book light has a clip that you can put on the book and has the Doctor Who logo on it and then there is an adjustable neck with on the end the light with on it the Tardis.

And this book light is special as it gives of blue uv light and it comes with a special pen so that you can leave hidden messages that only show when you use the light.

If you want a special book light then come check out this Doctor Who Tardis Book Light.

buy Exploding Tardis Table Lamp

Exploding Tardis Table Lamp

Doctor Who Exploding Tardis Table Lamp

A table lamp for the fans of the Doctor that is what this is.

This lamp is about 18.5 inch tall and has a lamp shade that shows the famous exploding Tardis painting from Vincent van Gogh and below that the lamp stand even has a 8 inch tall Tardis base.

And the Tardis on the base can open it’s doors and have sounds effects to make it look even more real.

But don’t expect the Doctor to step out of this Tardis as it probably not the real thing that he uses to travel through time and space.

If you want a fun table lamp then you just have to check out this Doctor Who Tardis Table Lamp.