buy Crystal 1st Doctor In The Tardis

Crystal 1st Doctor In The Tardis

Now there is this Crystal 1st Doctor In The Tardis figure that looks stunning in your home in the light and the dark.

This is a solid K9 crystal that is 5 inches tall and it is looks like the Tardis and inside it you find the 1st Doctor Who the one that it all started it so long ago.

And the Doctor Who crystal comes with a Doctor Who base with LED lights inside it and that makes the crystal look stunning in the dark in your home.

If you are a true fan that want something to remind us all of where it all started then this is what you need.

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buy Crystalline Tardis Light

Crystalline Tardis Light

If you like the Doctor and his Tardis then this crystal figure is what you just have to see.

The piece is a crystal Tardis with inside the 12th Doctor pointing at you and yes it is 3D so you can look from all sides.

The Tardis comes on a base that has the Doctor Who logo and a LED light so that the Tardis can light up blue and becomes a cool light.

The crystal Tardis on its base is 5.5 inches tall and comes in a nice presentation box making it a special gift for a true Doctor Who fan or for yourself.

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