buy Tardis Light Up Headband

Tardis Light Up Headband

So you decided to dress up like the Tardis, but do you have a light on top just like the real Tardis?

If not then you definitely need this headband that has a light on it that looks just like the Tardis and yes of course it gives light to.

Now your Halloween or cosplay costume can be all perfect just because of the light.

Doctor Who fans are gone be amazed when they see this fun light on top of you creation.

The light is 3 inch tall and has an on off switch for when you want to go in stealth mode.

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buy Weeping Angel Night Light

Weeping Angel Night Light

Weeping Angels are scary and you surely do not want to blink but now there is a Weeping Angel that actually helps you.

This is a Doctor Who night light that looks just like a real Weeping Angel and who says it isn’t….

Now you can sleep as this Angel will keep some light available to you because it’s no fun to be afraid of the dark.

This Doctor Who Weeping Angel night light has an on / off switch and comes with a 7w bulb.

And this Angel is 6.5 inch tall and really looks amazing when the light is on.

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buy Tardis String Lights

Tardis String Lights

Dr. Who Tardis String Lights


The Tardis is a great way of transportation but unfortunately most of us will never be able in it.

But now you can decorate your home with Tardis lights and maybe then at least you feel like you where part of it all.

This is a 9 feet long string light with on it 10 Tardis lights. And if 10 is not enough then you are in luck as you can connect multiple sets of Tardis lights onto each other.

And the Doctor Who string light even comes with some replacement light bulbs so that you can enjoy this Tardis sting for a long time.

Lets bring light to you home with this Doctor Who Tardis String Light.

buy Dalek Night Light

Dalek Night Light

white Dalek night light

This is a Dalek night light.

And before you get one you have to wonder what are you more afraid of? The Dark or a Dalek?

If you are not afraid of this Dalek then let it Illuminate your room.

This Doctor Who night light show the front half of a white Dalek and when it’s dark just flip the switch below it and you are having light in the dark.

The Dalek is 6 inch tall (not including the plug) and can house a bulb up to 7 watts witch is included.

Now you can dream of Doctor Who adventures knowing that the Dalek is bringing light to the scary dark night.

Don’t wait come and get ready for the dark with this Doctor Who Dalek Night Light.

buy Tardis 50th Anniversary Night Light

Tardis 50th Anniversary Night Light

Dr. Who Tardis 50th Anniversary Night Light

Dark nights can be scary because you never know what is hiding in your closet, under the bed or behind that crack in the wall.

But worry no more because now there is this Tardis night light and it’s not any night light based on the Doctor.
This is a limited edition 50th anniversary Doctor Who night light and it’s not blue it’s silver.

And as you can see it’s the Tardis that the 11th Doctor uses.

You can simply turn this chrome Tardis night light on with the switch on the bottom and all the monsters will disappear.

Doctor Who fans in need of a night light just have to  see this Doctor Who Tardis 50th Anniversary Night Light.

buy Doctor Who Tardis Lamp

Doctor Who Tardis Lamp

So you are looking for a desk or table lamp but it needs to be amazing.

You found it this is the Doctor Who Tardis lamp.

The base of the lamp is the Tardis in blue and above that there is a nice lamp shade with on it my favorite companion Amy Pond and the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith.

With a lamp shade and base as good as this one a Doctor Who fan really does not have to look any where else because this is the perfect lamp for almost any occasion.

Just imagine a dark night watching Doctor Who on TV with this lamp bringing light to the room.

Get your Doctor Who Tardis Lamp

buy 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Lamp

11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Lamp

Let the Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who bring you light.

This Doctor Who lamp will make it look like that is happening.

The base of the lamp is a Sonic Screwdriver from the 11th Doctor and then there is a nice lampshade with on that a picture of the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith.

This Doctor Who lamp is an amazing piece of Doctor Who memorabilia as it brings the Doctor and his screwdriver together in a useful piece of furniture.

Just imagine this Doctor Who lamp on a side table or on your bedside table or maybe it would look great on your desk.
The Doctor just wants to bring light to your life.

Get your 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Lamp

Doctor Who Table Lamp


Doctor Who Table Lamp

Do you still have side table empty that really could use a lamp?

If so then check out this Doctor Who lamp.

The base of the 20 inch tall lamp is made from brushed nickel and on top of that there is a dark shade with on it a picture of Doctor Who, Amy Pond and Rory Williams all staring at you and the 11th Doctor is even using his Sonic Screwdriver on you.
And to make it all complete the Doctor Who table lamp has a little pull to turn it on and on the end of that you can see a little Tardis.

This Doctor Who table lamp can hold a bulb up to 60 watt and will be a great addition to your room.

Come and have a closer look at this Doctor Who Table Lamp.

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buy Tardis Night Light

Tardis Night Light

Doctor Who Tardis Night Light

No longer do you have to be afraid of the dark because this Tardis night light will keep an eye on the monsters and other creatures under your bed and when it get to dangerous it will call in help from the Doctor.

A Doctor Who night light is what we all want and now you can have one that looks like a little Tardis.

The 7 watt bulb will bring just enough light to your home and it will come through the windows of the Tardis so that it looks like there is a tiny Doctor inside.

Get ready for the dark night with this Doctor Who Tardis Night Light.