buy Crystal 1st Doctor In The Tardis

Crystal 1st Doctor In The Tardis

Now there is this Crystal 1st Doctor In The Tardis figure that looks stunning in your home in the light and the dark.

This is a solid K9 crystal that is 5 inches tall and it is looks like the Tardis and inside it you find the 1st Doctor Who the one that it all started it so long ago.

And the Doctor Who crystal comes with a Doctor Who base with LED lights inside it and that makes the crystal look stunning in the dark in your home.

If you are a true fan that want something to remind us all of where it all started then this is what you need.

Get your Crystal 1st Doctor In The Tardis

buy Twice Up On A Time 2017 Christmas Episode DVD or Blu-ray

Twice Up On A Time 2017 Christmas Episode DVD or Blu-ray

If you like to watch Doctor Who but would like more then 1 Doctor then you just need to get this Doctor Who Twice Up On A Time Christmas episode.

The 2017 Christmas episode of Doctor Who included Bill Potts as the companion but there is not just one Doctor in this episode as there are the 1st original Doctor in it but also it is the last episode of the 12th Doctor.

And as a true fan of Doctor Who you probably watched this Christmas episode but that probably means that you really want to own it and you are in luck as you can get this Doctor Who episode on DVD or Blu-ray.

Get your Twice Up On A Time 2017 Christmas Episode DVD or Blu-ray

buy 1st Doctor Face Mug

1st Doctor Face Mug

Now that many Doctors came and went you have to think back at the one it all started at Doctor Who number 1.

Now you can enjoy your morning coffee and afternoon tea out of a mug that looks just like the 1st Doctor. This bust mug shows the famous face of the first Doctor Who and this mug is about 4 1/2 inch tall and just perfect to drink from.

Now you will always know about the Doctor that started it all as he will be there to keep your favorite drink ready for you to enjoy.

Get your 1st Doctor Face Mug

buy 11 Doctors Bookmark

11 Doctors Bookmark

Doctor Who 11Doctors Bookmark

We all read books it could be for fun, school or work but we have to read somethings and how do we keep track at where we are?

A bookmark is the answer and this Doctor Who bookmark is the one you should have a closer look at.

This bookmark shows the Doctor 11 times. Yes on this bookmark you can see Doctor Who from number 1 to number 11 all in photo’s next to each other.

So the bookmark looks stunning and to make you life even easier they gave this bookmark a tassel so that you can keep hanging that out of you book to easily find the page you are at.

School work, office work or just a fun book they all deserve this Doctor Who 11 Doctors Bookmark.

buy 1st and 11th Doctor Action Figure and Lunch Box

1st and 11th Doctor Action Figure and Lunch Box

dr. who 1st and 11th Doctor Action Figure and Lunch Box

Doctor Who fans that are looking for that really special item for their Doctor Who collection should check this one out.

First of all there is a tin lunch box with great graphics and a different picture on each side. You will of course find the Tardis and many of the Doctor’s enemies and that makes it a great item to have.

But it does not stop there.

Inside the Doctor Who lunch box you will find two action figures.

One is the 1st Doctor Who played by William Hartnell and then there is another action figure and this time it is the 11th Doctor as played by Matt Smith. Both Doctor Who action figures are about 8 inch tall and wear real fabric clothing and of course come with accessories and both have multiple points of articulation.

A set like this is real special and a must have for a true Doctor Who collector. This set is made because of the 50th anniversary of the Doctor so it could be gone before you know it.

Now is the time to get your Doctor Who Lunch Box and Action Figure Set.