buy Adipose Christmas Ornament

Adipose Christmas Ornament

If you want Doctor Who details in your Christmas tree then come check out this Adipose Christmas ornament.

The ornament is perfect in a Christmas tree as it is white and that works great on a nice green Christmas tree.

The Adipose ornament looks just like the fun looking Doctor Who creature and it is waving at you but still, shows his tooth.

And as the Adipose is not really Christmas decorated you can use the ornament the whole year long just hang it on your ceiling or maybe in your locker at school or work.

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buy Adipose Christmas Stocking

Adipose Christmas Stocking

Christmas stockings don’t have to be red, green or shaped like most are and this Doctor Who stocking proves that.

This Christmas stocking is shaped like and Adipose and we all kind of like this fat eating creature and that makes it perfect as Christmas decoration and I am sure it’s just as good as a normal shaped stocking at holding Christmas presents.

The Adipose stocking is white and has the face of the creature on it and his arms, hands, and feet are there too so that it looks just like a real Adipose.

This Doctor Who Christmas stocking is 19 inches long and just a great addition to your Christmas decorations this holiday season.

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buy Adipose And The 10th Doctor Action Figure

Adipose And The 10th Doctor Action Figure

As Doctor Who fan you of course remember the episode with the Adipose and now you can replay that episode with this action figure set.

In the set you will find a 5 inch tall 10th Doctor figure that can move things like his arms and more and to make this set so much more fun they added Adipose to them so with the Doctor and the Adipose you are ready to recreate the famous episode.

Of course this 10th Doctor action figure also belongs in your collection and some Adipose are always fun to own.

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buy Adipose String Lights

Adipose String Lights

String lights are great for in the Christmas tree but this set of Adipose lights are great for year long use by a true Doctor Who fan.

The sting light has 10 Adipose lights and is great for indoor or outdoor use.

Just imagine having the fat eating creatures in your Christmas tree it will be so much fun. Also just having a string on your bedroom wall will make your room looks more cosy because of these cute lights.

Of course you have to like Doctor Who to really enjoy these fun Christmas lights.

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buy Adipose Pocket Pop Key Chain

Adipose Pocket Pop Key Chain

If you would like an Adipose then maybe this key chain is the safest way to go.

The Pocket Pop! key chain is 1 1/2 inch tall and looks like a real Adipose but isn’t so no worries you fats are safe.

A cute key chain like this is great for hanging out with your keys but also as decorations on a backpack or maybe even as a zipper pul on your jacket.

And the Adipose key chain also comes in a nice windowed box in witch you could leave it and just display it like that.

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buy Adipose Pop! Vinyl Figurine

Adipose Pop! Vinyl Figurine

Doctor Who Adipose Pop! Vinyl Figurine Number 225

Adipose the solution for loosing weight that works guaranteed but may not be so safe for humans.

Now you can own a little fat guzzling Adipose for yourself but you are in luck this one is not alive just amazingly cute.

This figurine of an Adipose is about 3 3/4 inch tall and comes in it’s own little display box so that you can display it with or without the packaging.

Of course any true Doctor Who fan would love to own a Adipose and this is the one to get as it will not eat all your fat.

Come check out this Doctor Who Adipose Pop! Vinyl Figurine.

buy Try Adipose Button

Try Adipose Button

Doctor Who Try Adipose Button

This pinback button is great for Doctor Who fans that love those funny white Adipose creatures.

This Doctor Who button is 2.25 inch in diameter ad on it it says “Try Adipose The fat just walks away!” and that is literally what will happen if you try them. The cute white creatures will feast on your fat till it is big enough to move out leaving you a hollow shell of a body.

It may not be the ideal way of loosing weight but it sure is a great Doctor Who story that just makes you love those cute Adipose.

Now is the perfect time to find the perfect spot for you Doctor Who Try Adipose Button.

buy Adipose Industries Gym T-Shirt

Adipose Industries Gym T-Shirt

A true fan of Doctor Who, of course remembers that famous episode with the 10th Doctor and the Adipose.

Even though it may not be too healthy to have some of those creatures living in your body it can help with disappearing fat.

On this women’s t-shirt yo can see the text “Adipose Industries Gym, The fat just walks away” and in the middle, you can see an adorable Adipose holding up some weights.

You can get this adorable gray Adipose t-shirt in many women’s junior sizes going from XSmall – 3XL.

Doctor Who fans bring back some memories of the cute but dangerous Adipose by wearing this fun shirt

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buy Adipose Coin Purse

Adipose Coin Purse

Doctor Who Adipose Coin Purse

How do you store you coins?

This Doctor Who coin purse is just perfect for storing you coins and even your paper money.

The coin purse is white just like and Adipose and it even looks like an Adipose. Lets just hope the Adipose doesn’t think your money is yummy fat.

A coin purse that looks like the cute Adipose is of course something every Doctor Who fan wants and now you can have one. Not only is great for storing money it is also just cute to have your own personal Adipose.

Collect all your spare coins and come get your Doctor Who Adipose Coin Purse.

buy Adipose 4″ Plush Key Chain

Adipose 4″ Plush Key Chain

dr. who Adipose Plush with bag clip

There we have a little baby Adipose. This one still has to fatten up a bit but then it can be a big Adipose.

This 4″ tall plush Adipose is has a clip on it so that you can hang it on all kind of things from your keys (as a key chain) or on your jacket and maybe a backpack. Anything with a loop is a good home for this Adipose plush.

And the fun part of this Adipose is that it has sound effect straight out of the Doctor Who TV series so you know it’s the real deal.

Give this fat eater a new home! So come and adopt your own Doctor Who Adipose 4″ Plush Key Chain.