buy Doctor Who Cake Pan

Doctor Who Cake Pan

If you like Doctor Who and cakes then this cake pan is what you need.

The silicon pan has room to make 6 cakes at once and each of them has a typical Doctor Who item on it.

You will find Sontaran, Tardis, Dalek, K-9, Weeping Angel, and Cyberman in this cake pan and that gives plenty of cool designs for your next high tea or just as a fun desert.

No more need for boring cupcakes or plain cakes because the Doctor will help you create fun cakes that bring back memories to all those adventures Doctor Who has.

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buy Doctor Who Villain Lineup T-Shirt

Doctor Who Villain Lineup T-Shirt

We all know about police lineups but this one is a bit different.

First of all you can’t really see the characters in the lineup as they are just black shapes and secondly they all seem to have a problem with Doctor Who.

Yes on this white Doctor Who t-shirt you can see a lineup of 5 villains that the Doctor had to deal with.

On the women’s shirt you can find a Dalek, Sontaran, Cyberman,Silent and of course a Weeping Angel. Maybe having all those characters together is not smart as they could plot against the Doctor.

Made from 100% cotton this Doctor Who t-shirt is just what you want and it comes in junior sizes XSmall – 3XL so that girls big and small can enjoy it.

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buy Doctor Who Chocolate Mold

Doctor Who Chocolate Mold

Doctor Who themed chocolates that would be perfect for a party or just because they look fun.

With this chocolate mold that is shaped like the Tardis and can 12 chocolates at a time. The mold has 6 different designs in it so that you can make two chocolates of each kind every time you fill the mold.

You can make:

  • Tardis
  • Dalek
  • Sontaran
  • K-9
  • Cyberman
  • Weeping Angel

Just imagine dark, milk and white chocolate Doctor Who chocolates that would be so much fun for any party and specially a Doctor Who party.

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buy Sontaran Cardboard Poster Of General Staal

Sontaran Cardboard Poster Of General Staal

Dr. Who Doctor Who Sontaran Cardboard Poster Of General Staal

There is General Staal one of the Sontaran’s we have seen in the Doctor Who stories.

And this Sontaran is a life-size cutout that can stand on it’s own and makes a great decoration piece for a Doctor Who party.

This Sontaran has all the details you expect and of course there doesn’t seem to be a neck.

Besides having this Sontaran standee as a free standing thing you can also keep him flat so that you could place or hang it against a wall.

And as you can see General Staal is ready for battle with his weapon ready. OK maybe he should be wearing his helmet instead of carrying it but besides that he is ready for battle.

Come check out this Doctor Who Sontaran Cardboard Poster Of General Staal.

buy Doctor Who Dusting Stencil Set

Doctor Who Dusting Stencil Set

Doctor Who Dusting Stencil Set

Now you hot drinks and cupcakes could have Doctor Who theme to.

This dusting stencil set offers 6 designs that can be used to dust drinks like hot chocolates and cappuccino’s or to make a cupcake look even better.

These dusting shields are easy to use and offer a easy way to decorate.

There are 6 different stencils in the Doctor Who stencil set and they are the following:

  • Sontaran
  • Weeping Angel
  • Dalek
  • Cyberman
  • Tardis
  • K-9

So 6 fun designs that will make a Doctor Who party even better and if you wonder how the designs turn out then just simply click on the pictue above that will bring you to a picture of the results.

Lets do some dusting with this Doctor Who Dusting Stencil Set.