buy Amy The Doctor And An Angel Art Print

Amy The Doctor And An Angel Art Print

You can now get this Amy The Doctor And An Angel Art Print and give it a nice spot on your wall.

If you are a Doctor Who fan that want something nice on the wall that is not a poster then this framed piece is what you want.

This Doctor Who art print is framed and you can pick the color of the frame and you can even pick the color of the paper around the art so that it really becomes what you want and just click on the picture to see all your options.

The art itself shows a Weeping Angel in the background with Amy Pond in front of it and then all the way in the front you find the 11th Doctor who is holding up his Sonic Screwdriver like something is happening in front of you. It is an great piece that now just needs a space to hang it.

Get your Amy The Doctor And An Angel Art Print

buy The Best Of Amy Huawei P40 Case

The Best Of Amy Huawei P40 Case

Doctor Who fans now there is this cool The Best Of Amy Huawei P40 Case.

If you got a nice Huawei P40 phone and you want to protect it with Doctor Who power then this phone case is what you need.

The phone case shows a nice image of Amy Pond and the text “The Best Of Amy Annual”.

And this officially licensed Doctor Who case is a soft gel case so that even if you drop it there is some protection. And if you don’t like Amy Pond then click on the picture as other designs are available too.

So get your smart phone a cool case to make it look great while being protected.

Get your The Best Of Amy Huawei P40 Case

buy Funko Pop! Amy Pond Figurine

Funko Pop! Amy Pond Figurine

Now there is a cute Amy Pond figurine that you just need to get.

The figurine is number 600 in the Funko Pop! series and that means Amy is 3 3/4 inches tall and has a nice big head with red hair and freckles and she is wearing the police uniform that we have seen her wear all the way in the beginning when she first met the 11th Doctor.

The Amy Pond vinyl figurine is a 2018 spring convention edition and that could mean that it really is limited so if you are a true collector you just need to make sure you get your own figure.

Get your Funko Pop! Amy Pond Figurine

buy Amy Pond Maxi Bust Figurine

Amy Pond Maxi Bust Figurine

Doctor Who Ami Pond Titan Maxi Bust

Amy Pond is still my favorite companion for the Doctor and I do miss her.

But now there is a bust figurine of Amy that brings back memories of this amazing person.

The Amy bust is about 8 inch tall and is made in a limited edition so it is a true collectors item every fan of the 11th Doctor and his companion just want.

Just look at the details of the figurine hair, expression and even how show holds her hands are just done perfectly.

I know you want to see Amy again so why wait and just order your own Doctor Who Amy Pond Bust Figurine.

buy Amy Pond Nintendo DS Case With Sonic Screwdriver Stylus

Amy Pond Nintendo DS Case With Sonic Screwdriver Stylus

Doctor Who Amy Pond Nintendo DS Case With Sonic Screwdriver Stylus

So you use a Nintendo DS but is it Doctor Who ready?

If you own a Nintendo DS, DS Lite or DSi then you are in luck because this is a Doctor Who slipcase for you DS.

And this is not just any Doctor Who case, this one has Amy Pond on it and that of course should be important to you.

Beside the case for your Nintendo DS it also comes with a new stylus that looks like the Sonic Screwdriver used by the 11th Doctor.

So now you DS can look cool with a case that has Amy on it and can be controlled with a stylus that looks like a Sonic Screwdriver.

I would not wait any longer and just order this Doctor Who Amy Pond Nintendo DS Case With Sonic Screwdriver Stylus.

buy 11th Doctor Who Comic Book T-Shirt

11th Doctor Who Comic Book T-Shirt

11th Doctor Who Comic Book T-Shirt

This Doctor Who t-shirt is different then most shirt you seen about Doctor Who and that it because this t-shirt is also a comic.

Yes this Doctor Who t-shirt tells the story about the 11th Doctor dying. And for that the comic of course includes Cybeman, The Silence, Amy, Rory, River Song and of course the Doctor himself.

It’s a real fun t-shirt if you don’t mind that the Doctor dies on it but on the other hand we all know that there is a 12th Doctor so it didn’t end there.

You can get this Doctor Who comic book t-shirt in sizes Small – 2XL and many fans are gone want one to when they see it on you.

Make sure that you get your hands on this 11th Doctor Who Dies Comic Book T-Shirt.

buy Doctor Who Converse All Star Shoes

Doctor Who Converse All Star Shoes

Plain colored shoes are OK but as a Doctor Who fan yo want more.

How about some amazing sneakers with two Doctors, companions and enemies on them?

These Converse All Star shoes bring all that.

On the left side you can see the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond and in the back the Tardis and there are Weeping Angels and a Silent. And on the right side there is the 10th Doctor with Rose Tyler, Cybermen, Dalek and again the Tardis.

These amazing Doctor Who shoes come in men’s sizes 3.5 – 13 and women’s sizes 5.5 – 15 and yes they come in half sizes to.

Get your Doctor Who Converse All Star Shoes

buy Doctor Who Animated Chess

Doctor Who Animated Chess

Doctor Who Chess Game

If you like chess and Doctor Who then you are in luck because now there is this Doctor Who chess set.

Just like normal there is a board with chess pieces but these pieces are a little bit different.
It’s almost like character from the Doctor Who TV series are stuck in the pieces. Yes they even move.

The board comes with 32 chess pieces and there are the good guys witch include the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond, River Song, Rory and the Tardis.
And then there are the bad guys with include Weeping Angels, Dalek, Cybermen and more.

Now your rainy night becomes way more interesting while playing a game with this Doctor Who Animated Chess Set.

Redbubble $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway

Fun Doctor Who items from RedBubble

Remember our Redbubble Review?

They gave me $50 to buy their stuff, try it out, and write about it, and now they’re giving me $50 to give away to our readers.
And you don’t even have to write a review about what you get.

Just enter below. If you get drawn as the lucky winner, you can shop all the amazing products from Redbubble.

Redbubble has stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, baby clothes, phone cases, iPad cases, greeting card posters, and more.

So just read the review again and then enter the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Redbubble Review

Fun Doctor Who items from RedBubble

The people from Redbubble offered us the opportunity to review some of their products and we took up the offer.
The review below is ours and not influenced by Redbubble. They supplied us with free merchandise but all opinions are our own.

Redbubble gave us a $50 gift card to order anything from their website. They didn’t care what we got so we went shopping.

Shopping on the Redbubble website is fun, but there’s so much amazing stuff that it’s hard to choose! After a couple of hours going through hundreds of products, we ended up ordering a t-shirt, stickers, and greeting cards. The picture above is everything we got for $50 (including shipping).

Now let’s look at the items.

Adipose Industries T-Shirt:

Adipose Industries t-shirt

Redbubble prints their designs on American Apparel t-shirts and that means no cheap shirt that will look horrible after one wash.
There are a couple styles to choose from for both man and women. We got a women’s shirt, the organic version, as you can get organic for no extra cost. Normal shirts come in more than 20 colors but the organic one comes in just 4 colors.

The color we chose was natural (a cream color) and the color works great with the graphics. The first image of this review shows the real color of the shirt. Of course the Adipose will be a hit with Doctor Who fans and the design is nicely printed on the shirt. It’s hard to see but the picture is not one big blob of paint that feels hard on the shirt. There is plenty of fabric around the pictures and words, which makes the shirt a lot more comfortable to wear.

The Adipose t-shirt feels soft and came with a clothespin with washing instructions. The tag says that the shirt is made in America by people in matching socks. And the last line on the washing instructions says “Don’t slap pandas”, which I normally don’t do when I wash my clothes.

Only time will tell how this t-shirt will hold but I am very confident as it is made by American Apparel and the design feels really solid, not something that will come off easily.

Amy and Clara Cards:

Doctor Who greeting cards with amy and clara

I got a postcard and a greeting card from two of the latest companions of the Doctor, Amy Pond and Clara Oswald.

Both cards have amazing details and really feel like a quality card (and I know – I worked in the greeting card industry for years.)
Each card came in a plastic sleeve so that it doesn’t get damaged and I was surprised because I didn’t check the plastic sleeve option. I guess maybe it is because I only got 2 cards instead of a bulk shipment.

Maybe you remember the picture of Clara – we wrote about it as a Clara Oswald Poster. I really liked the design so I decided to get a postcard of it.
The postcard of Clara is great quality and the picture really looks amazing.  And I will frame this one as I don’t have room for a big poster.
On the back of the card there are the usual things like a stamp area and lines for the address. The card of Clara is 10 x 15 cm (4 x 6 inch).

Of course I chose two cards with dark backgrounds and pictures don’t do them justice, so click on the picture of the cards above to see a more realistic picture. The greeting card of Amy looks stunning and is made from heavy paper just like you would expect from a quality card you would send to friends.

On the inside the card is completely blank, leaving lots of space to write Doctor Who about all your adventures. On the back you can find a Redbubble logo and design info in a 1-cm space on the bottom. And yes, this card came with an envelope (white one) so that it’s ready to mail.

One thing I noticed on both cards is that they are pretty susceptible to fingerprints. Ff course it doesn’t help when you have a dark design like this and you should not notice it as much on a lighter design.

If you like to shop for cards then pay attention, as often Redbubble offers a discount if you buy more cards (not limited to one design). As of this writing, they will give you 20% off if you buy 8 or more cards.

Doctor Who Stickers:

fun Doctor Who stickers

I ordered 6 Doctor Who themed stickers and even got an extra sticker – a Redbubble logo one (see top picture). When you order 6 or more stickers they offer you 50% off which really makes it fun to add a couple more.

The stickers from Redbubble came on strips of two stickers and they are about 3.75 x 2.75 inch. Size is something that I would prefer to see more visible on the Redbubble site, as now you have to go into the sticker info tab to find out. And to be honest these stickers are kinda big, especially the Doctor Who logo one is much bigger than I hoped (can’t blame Redbubble as they stated it in their info).

The stickers are made from a thick vinyl which is much thicker than a “normal” sticker but also makes it feel solid. Apparently they are waterproof and last outside for up to 18 months but I didn’t test that. Redbubble also says they are easy to remove but I didn’t want to ruin my sticker to see if that was true.

bad wolf sticker

Above you can see the Bad Wolf sticker when I put it on my 11″ Macbook Air. The fun part is that the stickers are die cut which works out really nice with the Bad Wolf sticker and on the laptop you get a bit more feel for how big the sticker is.

I really like the stickers Redbubble offers – they feel solid and look great. I still have 5 to use and may get some different themed stickers for the rest of my laptop.


I am happy that Redbubble asked me to review their products. All the products I reviewed today are high quality that will last and that is important to me. OK maybe you can find cheaper stuff but if you want it to last then this is the way to go.

The fun thing at Redbubble is also that many of the designs are available on different products. Like the Clara postcard also comes as poster.
And the Bad Wolf sticker is also available as a card, t-shirt, and even as a case for your phone or iPad.

Designs at Redbubble are also not limited to Doctor Who – you can get all kinds of stuff. If you want a t-shirt with a black dog then they will have it, or maybe you want an iPhone case with a picture of a pink Ford car then no problem it’s there.

Ordering was a breeze although I could easily have ordered 10 times as much stuff if I wasn’t limited to the $50.

It seems that Redbubble has different manufacturing plants for different products as I got 3 shipments, all from different places.
Shipping goes quick – the stickers and cards were shipped the next day and the t-shirt a day after that.

All in all Redbubble was flawless and it’s not that they knew that this order was for a review. I used my own name and a gift card and shipped it to my home. So if you like amazing Doctor Who stuff you should check out Redbubble.

We at Shop Doctor Who write often about Redbubble products without mentioning who sells them, so maybe have a look at some Redbubble Products We Wrote About.

We talked about many products and maybe you want one. You can click on all the pictures to bring you to products we talked about, and the text also has links in it. If the Doctor Who product you want is not in there then let me know and I will send you a link. We will be adding all these products to the site so that you can read about them separately but not as a review.