buy 11th Doctor Who Comic Book T-Shirt

11th Doctor Who Comic Book T-Shirt

11th Doctor Who Comic Book T-Shirt

This Doctor Who t-shirt is different then most shirt you seen about Doctor Who and that it because this t-shirt is also a comic.

Yes this Doctor Who t-shirt tells the story about the 11th Doctor dying. And for that the comic of course includes Cybeman, The Silence, Amy, Rory, River Song and of course the Doctor himself.

It’s a real fun t-shirt if you don’t mind that the Doctor dies on it but on the other hand we all know that there is a 12th Doctor so it didn’t end there.

You can get this Doctor Who comic book t-shirt in sizes Small – 2XL and many fans are gone want one to when they see it on you.

Make sure that you get your hands on this 11th Doctor Who Dies Comic Book T-Shirt.

buy Doctor Who Animated Chess

Doctor Who Animated Chess

Doctor Who Chess Game

If you like chess and Doctor Who then you are in luck because now there is this Doctor Who chess set.

Just like normal there is a board with chess pieces but these pieces are a little bit different.
It’s almost like character from the Doctor Who TV series are stuck in the pieces. Yes they even move.

The board comes with 32 chess pieces and there are the good guys witch include the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond, River Song, Rory and the Tardis.
And then there are the bad guys with include Weeping Angels, Dalek, Cybermen and more.

Now your rainy night becomes way more interesting while playing a game with this Doctor Who Animated Chess Set.

buy Amy, Rory And The Doctor T-Shirt

Amy, Rory And The Doctor T-Shirt

Amy, Rory And The Doctor T-Shirt

Are you looking for a Doctor Who t-shirt with the dream team?

You found it this t-shirt shows Amy Pond with Rory and the 11th Doctor and there is even a glow of the Tardis hanging over them.

And this Doctor Who t-shirt comes in a wide range of colors and is available as a men’s and women’s version and even comes as a hoodie.

Now you can wear a t-shirt with your favorite Doctor and his helpers Amy and Rory.

Come have a better look at the design and the options of this Doctor Who Amy, Rory And The Doctor T-Shirt.

Doctor Who Table Lamp


Doctor Who Table Lamp

Do you still have side table empty that really could use a lamp?

If so then check out this Doctor Who lamp.

The base of the 20 inch tall lamp is made from brushed nickel and on top of that there is a dark shade with on it a picture of Doctor Who, Amy Pond and Rory Williams all staring at you and the 11th Doctor is even using his Sonic Screwdriver on you.
And to make it all complete the Doctor Who table lamp has a little pull to turn it on and on the end of that you can see a little Tardis.

This Doctor Who table lamp can hold a bulb up to 60 watt and will be a great addition to your room.

Come and have a closer look at this Doctor Who Table Lamp.

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buy Doctor Who Wall Calendar 2014

Doctor Who Wall Calendar 2014

Doctor Who Wall Calendar 2014

We may know that this is the last season of the 11th Doctor but with this 2014 wall calendar you can enjoy Matt Smith as Doctor Who just a little bit longer.

The 2014 Doctor Who wall calendar will bring you 16 months of Doctor Who fun and yes that means that it starts in 2013 to make the fun begin soon.

Of course as the picture above tells us the Doctor Who calendar will have the Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams and the Dalek. And it is my guess but I am pretty sure the Tardis will be there to.

If you are looking for the perfect Doctor Who present for yourself or a friend then have a look at this  Doctor Who Wall Calendar 2014.