buy 11th Doctor Series 7 Action Figure

11th Doctor Series 7 Action Figure

If you are looking for the most amazing Doctor Who action figure then you found it as this figurine of the 11th Doctor Who is just what every true fan needs.

This action figure of Matt Smith as the Doctor is at a 1:6 scale and that makes him about 12 inch tall.

And this is not just a figurine that can stand and be pretty, this is an action figure with many extra’s like hair pieces, fez, extra hands, Sonic Screwdriver and much more so that you can make the Doctor look the way you want him to be.

You can pose the Doctor your way and put it on it’s special stand so that it is ready to be admired.

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buy Clara Oswald Action Figure

Clara Oswald Action Figure

Now you can have your own companion and it can be a true Doctor Who companion to as this is a figure of Clara.

Yes a Clara Oswald action figure to pose or play with.

And Clara even comes in a nice box so that you can just keep her look pretty instead of play with the toy.

The action figure of Clara Oswald is 5 1/2 inch and is posable as arms, legs and head can move.

Replay Doctor Who adventures with this action figure instead of rewatching it on TV.

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buy Dalek Asylum Figurine Set

Dalek Asylum Figurine Set

Dalek figurine set of 3 Daleks

Now you can have 3 Daleks that seems to have walked right out of the Doctor Who episode “The Asylum of the Daleks”.

These 3 Daleks have amazing details and colors.

The red and white Daleks are 6 inch tall and the special bronze color one is 5 inch tall.

And even though these Doctor Who figurines look like they are metal they are not, they are made from plastic but still look really amazing.

And to make these action figure set even better they gave the bronze Dalek sound effects to make it look even more real.

If you home does not have Daleks yet then come check out this Doctor Who 3 Daleks Figurine Set.

buy Dalek Patrol Ship And Pilot

Dalek Patrol Ship And Pilot

Doctor Who Dalek Patrol Ship And Pilot

If you are a collector of everything Doctor Who then this is an item that is just amazing.

It is toy version of a Dalek patrol ship complete with real working canon and inside it you find a Dalek of course as pilot of this ship.

The Patrol ship is about 8 inch tall and is great for playing and just having on a shelve to admire. Inside the ship you find a 3.75 inch tall Dalek action figure with gold and black panels .

All this comes in a real nice display box with a big window so that you can keep this toy in new condition if you want.

Why wait just come and add you own Doctor Who Dalek Patrol Ship And Pilot.

buy Union Jack Dalek Figurine

Union Jack Dalek Figurine

Doctor Who Union Jack Dalek Figurine

This figure is special.

Yes it is a Dalek and yes they are still not friends with Doctor Who. But this Dalek is painted with the Union Jack flag on it and it’s only 12 inch tall so much smaller then the once that try to catch the Doctor.

This Dalek figurine comes with lights and sounds and can even move it’s arms and head so it’s almost like an action figure.

And this Dalek can say one of 8th phrases and those are:

  • Seek! Locate! Annihilate!
  • Seek! Locate! Destroy!
  • You will obey the Daleks… obey, obey!!
  • Halt or you will be exterminated!
  • You are an enemy of the Daleks!
  • We are the Supreme Beings.
  • Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! (with gun-firing sound effects)
  • Exterminate! (with gun-firing sound effects)

So now you home can have a Dalek that behaves like one with light and sounds and it looks so much better then the single colored once.

Make you Doctor Who collection complete with this Doctor Who Dalek Figurine With Light And Sound.

buy 10th Doctor Vinyl Figure

10th Doctor Vinyl Figure

There we have the 10th Doctor.

This time Doctor Who is a vinyl figurine but he looks so much like the real Doctor Who as played by David Tennant that you may believe that something really bad happened to the real doctor and now he is just a cute figure for on a shelve.

The 10th Doctor figurine is 6.5 inch tall and comes with the Sonic Screwdriver the doctor uses and you can even take it away from him or place it in his other hand.

Just imagine an army of Doctor Who figurines and of course the 10th Doctor in front.

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buy Cybermen Army Of 5 Action Figures

Cybermen Army Of 5 Action Figures

Cyberman Army action figures


There is you have it a little army of Cybermen.

This action figure set has 5 Cybermen and all are ready to be displayed and played with and if you don’t keep them busy then they may go out to upgrade some people.

Each Cyberman is about 1 3/4 inch tall and comes with it’s own tile to stand on and it will be a great addition to your set of 11 Doctors that you already got.

These Cybermen microfigures love to be part of you Doctor Who collection so I would not wait.
Come now and get your Doctor Who Cybermen Army Of 5 Action Figures.

buy 9th Doctor Vinyl Figure

9th Doctor Vinyl Figure

Dr. Who 9th Doctor Vinyl Figure

Now you can have your own little Doctor figure.

This is a 6.5″ tall figure of the 9th Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston.

As you can see this Doctor Who figure has amazing details and looks so much like the Doctor that you are wondering if this is the real Doctor in some kind of trouble.

This is a vinyl figure that even bring it’s own Sonic Screwdriver and that of course make it fun to play with.

Personally I would love to have one these Doctor Who figures just to display as they look cute and realistic.

So why don’t you have a closer look at this Doctor Who 9th Doctor Vinyl Figure.

buy 11th Doctor Vinyl Figure

11th Doctor Vinyl Figure

Dr. Who 11th Doctor Vinyl Action Figure

There we have the 11th Doctor but this time he is just a vinyl figure.

This Doctor Who action figure is about 6 1/2 inch tall and looks just like the 11th Doctor as played by Matt Smith.

And the Doctor of course needs his Sonic Screwdriver so this figure also has one and you can take it out of his hand and place it in the other if you like.

Vinyl figures are fun to play with or just to have on display and if they look like Doctor Who then you know you need one.

Come have a closer look at this Doctor Who 11th Doctor Vinyl Figure.

buy Doctor Who Action Figures Set Of First 11 Doctors

Doctor Who Action Figures Set Of First 11 Doctors

Doctor Who Action Figures Set Of First 11 Doctors

We all want our own Doctor Who and now we can have 11.

This set has 11 Doctor figures from the 1st Doctor all the way to the 11th Doctor and each Doctor comes with his own base to stand on.

And you know these Doctor Who action figures are compatible with LEGO so why not build them a HUGE Tardis to live in.

Oh they actually come in a Tardis display box with information about each Doctor.

I know the picture above is not great so click on it to see so that you can see it much better.

Lets play Doctor Who with this Doctor Who Action Figures Set Of First 11 Doctors.