buy 7th Doctor Knit Beanie Hat

7th Doctor Knit Beanie Hat

Now there is this really special 7th Doctor Knit Beanie Hat that is just the perfect winter hat for a true fan of Doctor Who.

Are you a Doctor Who fan that doesn’t just like the last version of the Doctor then this beanie hat is what you need.

As a true fan you know that they 7th Doctor wears a nice sweater with a very special design as it is yellow and is covered in question marks all over it and that color combination and design can be found on this winter hat.

This Doctor Who winter hat is made from 100% acrylic and is one size first most.

Be ready for winter by getting a beanie that will bring up all kinds of questions to people that see you wear it.

Get your 7th Doctor Knit Beanie Hat

buy Mid Era Doctor Who Figure Set

Mid Era Doctor Who Figure Set

If you are a true Doctor Who fan that wants it all then you are in luck as there now is a mid-era Doctor Who figure set.

Normally you get mostly Doctor Who items based on the latest Doctor but now you can get figures of some of the classics.

The set includes Doctor’s 5, 6, 7, 8, and even the war doctor.

And every Doctor has the perfect pose and comes with it’s own base so that you can place them all over you home.

So if you are a true Doctor Who fan then this figurine collection is something you really need.

Get your Mid Era Doctor Who Figure Set

buy 7th Doctor Collector Figurine

7th Doctor Collector Figurine

Now you can have a Doctor Who figurine of the 7th Doctor and that of course is something a real collector needs for it’s collection.

The highly detailed figurine of the Doctor shows him like we all know him with wearing his famous sweater and of course with his question mark umbrella. The figurine of the 7th Doctor Who stands on a nice stand so that you can have the Doctor on display where ever you prefer.

The Doctor is made from a special metallic resin and is hand painted specially for you.

If you figurine collection is still missing the 7th Doctor then you just wonder what you are waiting for.

Get your 7th Doctor Collector Figurine

buy Doctor Who 13 Pin Button Set

Doctor Who 13 Pin Button Set

Dr Who pins and buttons (13 pieces)

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of some fun Doctor Who buttons then this is a got set to start with.

This button set has 13 pin back button with a diameter of 1.25 inch.

The first 11 buttons are easy to guess. Yes each Doctor has it’s own button but only up to the 11th Doctor. And a set of Doctor Who pins of course need one with the Tardis on it to so that is included as well and so is one with the Doctor Who logo.

So now you can have the perfect set of Doctor Who buttons to get you started. Jackets, bags and other fabrics can all use a fun button on it.

Don’t wait come get your own Doctor Who 13 Pin Button Set.

buy 11 Doctor’s Serving Tray

11 Doctor’s Serving Tray

Doctor Who 11 Doctor's Serving Tray

If you are looking for a perfect serving tray then why not a Doctor Who one?

This serving tray is based on the 50th anniversary year and shows 11 Doctors from the 1st to the eleventh and yes the 11th Doctor is standing in the middle because bow ties are cool.

Now you can use this tray in your home to server things when you have a party or just to use to get dinner to the table. Serving trays are so handy and this Doctor Who one even lets you move around Doctor Who merchandise.

So if you have serving to do or planing a party then come get your own 11 Doctor Who’s Serving Tray.

buy 7th Doctor Question Mark Umbrella

7th Doctor Question Mark Umbrella

The 7th Doctor Question Mark Umbrella

One thing that most people remember about the 7th Doctor and that is his umbrella.

And now there is a reproduction of the question mark umbrella as used by the Doctor.

It is a normal black umbrella with the tip and handle in red and the handle is shaped like a question mark. And to give the folded umbrella a bit more flair they added a black cover that has red question marks on it.

Just imagine that now you can feel a lot more like Doctor Who specially when it rains because then you can use this question mark umbrella and feel like Doctor number 7.

So if you want to add a special Doctor Who prop to your collection then it has to be this Doctor Who 7th Doctor Question Mark Umbrella.

buy 11 Doctors Bookmark

11 Doctors Bookmark

Doctor Who 11Doctors Bookmark

We all read books it could be for fun, school or work but we have to read somethings and how do we keep track at where we are?

A bookmark is the answer and this Doctor Who bookmark is the one you should have a closer look at.

This bookmark shows the Doctor 11 times. Yes on this bookmark you can see Doctor Who from number 1 to number 11 all in photo’s next to each other.

So the bookmark looks stunning and to make you life even easier they gave this bookmark a tassel so that you can keep hanging that out of you book to easily find the page you are at.

School work, office work or just a fun book they all deserve this Doctor Who 11 Doctors Bookmark.

buy 7th Doctor Silk Scarf

7th Doctor Silk Scarf

Dr. Who 7th Doctor Silk Scarf

Now you can look a bit more like the 7th Doctor by simply wearing his scarf.

OK this is not the real scarf Doctor Who wore but a replica of it.

The Doctor Who scarf is made from 100% silk and is an officially licensed Doctor Who product.
And the scarf of the 7th Doctor even comes in a special presentation box that has the BBC and Doctor Who logo on it.

This item is a great addition to any Doctor Who collection. You can wear this scarf everyday or keep it for a costume party and yes keeping it in the special box is an option to.

Come admire the pattern of this Doctor Who 7th Doctor Silk Scarf.

buy 7th Doctor Sweater Vest

7th Doctor Sweater Vest

Dr. Who 7th Doctor Sweater Vest

If you always wanted the sweater vest that the 7th Doctor wore then you are in luck as now you can.

This Doctor Who vest is just like the original that was worn by the 7th Doctor.
And yes that means lots of question marks all over it and like the original it even has two front pockets.

This Doctor Who sweater is made from 100% acrylic and is machine knitted .
You can get this officially licensed Doctor Who sweater vest in sizes Small – 2XL.

This Doctor Who sweater is great as everyday wear but is also amazing for dressing up as the Doctor. This can become your goto costume sweater.

Still question marks in your head? If so just come and have a closer look at this Doctor Who 7th Doctor Sweater Vest.

buy Who Was Your Doctor? T-Shirt

Who Was Your Doctor? T-Shirt

Who Was Your Doctor? T-Shirt

Every Doctor Who fan has it’s favorite Doctor and now you can ask people who’s theirs is.

On this t-shirt it shows a picture with Doctor’s 1 to 11 and above that the text “Who was your Doctor?”.

The Doctor Who t-shirt is black to make the doctor’s stand out nicely and now you can pick.
My favorite is the 11th Doctor but I also really like number 9. Who do you pick? (leave a comment with your favorite)

This t-shirt is made from soft 100% cotton and comes in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and yes it would look great on women to.

Lets get the question out there by simply wearing this Who Was Your Doctor? T-Shirt.