buy Doctor Who Cake Pan

Doctor Who Cake Pan

If you like Doctor Who and cakes then this cake pan is what you need.

The silicon pan has room to make 6 cakes at once and each of them has a typical Doctor Who item on it.

You will find Sontaran, Tardis, Dalek, K-9, Weeping Angel, and Cyberman in this cake pan and that gives plenty of cool designs for your next high tea or just as a fun desert.

No more need for boring cupcakes or plain cakes because the Doctor will help you create fun cakes that bring back memories to all those adventures Doctor Who has.

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buy Tardis And Villains Backpack

Tardis And Villains Backpack

This Doctor Who backpack is all about the Tardis and the villains we all know and it shows all that in a comic style.

The Doctor Who backpack has panels just like a comic book and in those panels you can find many of the characters like the Tardis, Dalek, Cybermen and Weeping Angel.

A backpack like this is just perfect for a true Doctor Who fan and is great for everyday use or even for back to school because we all have stuff to carry around and a backpack from Doctor Who is a great way to carry it all.

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buy Comic Style Doctor Who Leggings

Comic Style Doctor Who Leggings

Doctor Who leggings can be hard to find but when you find the perfect pair you will know.

And now there is this pair of Doctor Who leggings that looks like a Doctor Who comic book with many important details like of course the Tardis, Dalek, Cyberman and Weeping Angel and it even has the Doctor Who logo on it and yes that makes for a pair of busy looking leggings but that also makes them extra amazing.

These leggings have an elastic waist and just look stunning and are easy to wear just like that or with a fun dress, skirt or shorts.

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buy Weeping Angel Wall Decal

Weeping Angel Wall Decal

This Weeping Angel wall decal will once more make it clear to you not to blink because you as a Doctor Who fan of course knows what happens when you do.

Now you bedroom or living room wall can have a giant Weeping Angel on it and that of course is kinda scary to fans of the Doctor like you.

This wall decal is more then 6 feet tall and the angel is blocking it’s eyes but you know it’s still watching you.

Beside the big Weeping Angel this Doctor Who wall decal also includes some smaller decals so that you can make you whole room become a Doctor Who paradise.

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buy Blue Galaxy Weeping Angel T-Shirt

Blue Galaxy Weeping Angel T-Shirt

This blue Weeping Angel t-shirt is just what a Doctor Who fan needs and that is why you should take a closer look.

This shirt is great as casual wear or maybe even a sleep shirt and on there shirt you can see the galaxy in the background and in front of that a giant picture of a Weeping Angel that is covering it’s eyes. Above the angel it says “Don’t turn your back Don’t look away” and it’s seems they forgot to mention not to blink.

You can get this special Doctor Who t-shirt in unisex sizes Small – 2XL so that both men and women can enjoy this special t-shirt. And when you buy this Doctor Who t-shirt you will find out that it is made from 100% cotton.

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buy Weeping Angel Valentine’s Day Card

Weeping Angel Valentine’s Day Card

This greeting card is perfect if you Valentine is a Doctor Who fan.

The card has a pink front and on that yo can see a Weeping Angel blocking it’s eyes and around the Weeping Angel it says “Are you a Weeping Angel? Cause I can’t take my eyes off you” and yes there are some hearts to.

It’s just a really cute card to send to the love of you life on Valentine’s Day.

The card is available in two sizes and it does include a envelop to and if you want a postcard version then you are in luck as this Doctor Who card is available as a postcard to.

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buy Tardis LEGO Kit 21304

Tardis LEGO Kit 21304

Now there is a real LEGO kit that makes you assemble the Tardis and yes it is bigger on the inside.

The Tardis itself is regular size but inside you find the control room witch of course is bigger then the Tardis that is connected to it. So you can play back your favourite Doctor Who adventures.

LEGO set 21304 also includes 2 Daleks, 1 Weeping Angel and Clara Oswald and the 11th and 12th Doctor.

It’s to much fun not to want this LEGO set and yes it does make for the perfect present for a true Doctor Who fan or just someone that likes LEGO.

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buy Weeping Angel Bath Robe

Weeping Angel Bath Robe

This bath robe is the color of a stone statue and as a Doctor Who fan you of course know about one of those that are not very nice.

Yes this is a Weeping Angel bath robe with printed on it many details you expect from a Weeping Angel and of course that includes wings on the back.

Even on the sleeves it says “Don’t Blink” because even a Weeping Angel know what that means.

The Doctor Who bath robe comes in sizes Small – XL and has a hood to make it even better.

A Weeping Angel bath robe is great for when you come out of the shower but also for just lounging around.

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buy Weeping Angel Bookends

Weeping Angel Bookends

Bookends are those amazing things that makes sure books do not fall over when put on a shelve.

And if you don’t have books any more then you can still use bookends to keep up your Doctor Who DVD collection or maybe to hold up all your tablets and ereaders.

But these Weeping Angel bookends are something every Doctor Who fan needs as they are just the perfect item for decorating your room or office.

The set includes 2 Weeping Angels that are about 4 inch tall one is ready to attack and the other angel is holding it’s hands in front of it’s eyes.

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buy Cyberman And Weeping Angel Ornament Set

Cyberman And Weeping Angel Ornament Set

If you are looking to design the perfect Doctor Who Christmas tree this year then of course you need some of the famous villains of the Doctor.

And this Christmas ornament set includes two of this villains. You will find a Weeping Angel and a Cyberman in the set and both will look great and scary in your Christmas tree.

The Doctor Who ornaments are 4 1/2 inch tall and would look stunning in your tree. The Cybermen are silver and the Weeping Angel are grey and that makes them to blend in perfectly with almost any color theme you choose for your Christmas tree.

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