buy 13th Doctor Who Mini Backpack

13th Doctor Who Mini Backpack

Now there is a 13th Doctor Who Mini Backpack that is perfect for your own adventures.

This backpack is not made to carry your school books but more like a handbag you can put on your back. The Doctor Who backpack is 9 x 10 1/2 x 4 1/2.

The outside from the backpack looks a lot like the Doctor Who outfit the 13th doctor wear complete with the colorful stripes she has on her shirt.

The outside also show the Tardis and the bags lining has the Tardis all over it.

Now you can carry your stuff on your back while Doctor Who fans will know right away that you are a fan like them.

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buy Doctor Who Patchwork Backpack

Doctor Who Patchwork Backpack

If you want a cool Doctor Who backpack then you should be checking out this bag.

The backpack is 12 x 17 inches and has cool colored patches in different blue’s and white and on the patches it shoes Doctor Who details like K9, Sonic Screwdriver, The Tardis, and much more.

So now you can have a cool Doctor Who backpack that you can use for school, work and other cool adventures.

And as it has such a fun print you have always something to look at and bring back memories off some cool Doctor Who adventures.

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buy Tardis Time Lord Backpack

Tardis Time Lord Backpack

If you need a cool backpack then this Doctor Who Tardis Time Lord backpack.

This maybe not the backpack you expect but that makes this an amazing backpack.

The backpack has a design with Gallifrey symbols, the Tardis, and words like Tardis and Time Lord. And you will find the same design on the adjustable straps too but the front pocket is just simple and black and that makes this a cool bag with a side pocket for your water bottle.

The Doctor Who backpack is 12 x 17 inches making it nice and big so that it can keep a lot of stuff with you on you back.

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buy Tardis And Villains Backpack

Tardis And Villains Backpack

This Doctor Who backpack is all about the Tardis and the villains we all know and it shows all that in a comic style.

The Doctor Who backpack has panels just like a comic book and in those panels you can find many of the characters like the Tardis, Dalek, Cybermen and Weeping Angel.

A backpack like this is just perfect for a true Doctor Who fan and is great for everyday use or even for back to school because we all have stuff to carry around and a backpack from Doctor Who is a great way to carry it all.

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buy Tardis Faux Leather Backpack

Tardis Faux Leather Backpack

If you are looking for a shiny new Doctor Who backpack then maybe this Tardis backpack is perfect for you.

The backpack is blue and looks like it’s made from leather but no worries it’s made from 100% PU so it just looks like leather.

The Tardis blue backpack also has the front door o the Tardis on it and comes with two pockets one big main pocket and a smaller front pocket and the pockets have a special Doctor Who Tardis lining to.

School, work or fun this Doctor Who backpack could be the backpack of your choice for all those activities.

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buy Tardis Bad Wolf Slouch Backpack

Tardis Bad Wolf Slouch Backpack

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of a backpack then you came to the right spot.

This slouch style backpack is black but is also covered in picture of the Tardis and some of them even have “Bad Wolf” sprayed on them to bring back those memories.

A Doctor Who backpack like this is great for school, work and anything else.

At 13 x 5 x 13 inch this backpack can quickly become your goto and favorite backpack of all time.

Why get a plain backpack when you can have one that brings back memories of the Bad Wolf and of the Tardis.

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buy Tardis Union Jack Backpack

Tardis Union Jack Backpack

Backpacks are perfect for so many things, work, school or travel these bags are perfect.

And if you are a Doctor Who fan then this Tardis backpack can be the one you want.

This black Doctor Who backpack is covered in picture of the Tardis and some of them are just blue and others have the Union Jack flag of England on it.

Unfortunately it does not say any where if this bag is bigger on the inside so I would not expect it because if it then ends up being bigger then you can just carry everything you own in this Tardis backpack.

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buy Tardis Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Backpack

Tardis Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Backpack

If Doctor number 10 is your favorite then you have to to look at this Doctor Who backpack for sure.

This backpack is Tardis blue and has a print on it of the Tardis and the famous Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey text that is printed in different fonts over the whole backpack with a picture of the Tardis and the whole text

People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect. But actually, From a Non-Linear, Non-Subjective viewpoint, It’s more like a big ball of Wibbly-Wobbly… Timey-Wimey… Stuff.

It’s a great backpack for any Doctor Who fan and it has two pockets that zipper up making it great for school, work or just fun.

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buy Tardis Cloth Backpack

Tardis Cloth Backpack

Doctor Who Tardis Cloth Back Sack

When a backpack is to much then a back sack can be perfect and that is why there now is this special Tardis back sack.

The back of this Doctor Who backpack is black but the front shows the doors of the Tardis with all the signs and details.

A bag like this is ideal for school stuff or just when you go hang out with friends. It’s so versatile as it is just a flat bag that shapes around your stuff.

And as this backpack is flat it is also ideal to have it folded up in your bag or big backpack so that you always have a Doctor Who themed bag handy when needed.

Come and take a closer look at this Doctor Who Tardis Cloth Back Sack.

buy I Heart Heart The Doctor Convertible Slouch Backpack

I Heart Heart The Doctor Convertible Slouch Backpack

Are you a true fan of the Doctor? So much that you love him?

If so then you need this slouch backpack that can easily be converted into a cross body handbag.

The backpack is blue and on the top, you can see the text “I heart heart The Doctor” and yes the hearts are nice and red. A true fan, of course, knows that Doctor Who has two hearts so double the loving.

The on the front there are two packets with flaps that have the English Union Jack on it to make this backpack even better.

Besides the two front pocket, you can also find a zipper pocket on the inside (in the big main compartment).

A Doctor Who backpack like this one is just perfect for work, school or just having fun.

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