buy Yellow Wind Up Toy Dalek

Yellow Wind Up Toy Dalek

This 8cm tall Dalek is yellow and a wind up toy so just wind it up and there it goes looking for things to exterminate!

The Dalek toy will also move it’s head but that makes sense as it needs to keep an eye on things of course.

Doctor Who will be so happy to see that this yellow Dalek is not real but just a toy and maybe the Doctor wants one to just to have moving around the floors of the Tardis.

The Dalek has great details and would be just fun on a bookshelf as well as it doesn’t have to be moving around all the time.

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buy Build Your Own Sonic Screwdriver

Build Your Own Sonic Screwdriver

As a true Doctor Who fan you know all about the Sonic Screwdriver used by the Doctor and this kit lets you build you own Sonic Screwdriver.

The set includes many parts that together become a working Sonic Screwdriver, it has lights and sound but no true power.

And if you want you can build the 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver but if you are smart you can even build two Sonic Screwdriver out of this kit and that of course makes it extra fun.

This Sonic Screwdriver toy is more for the older kids and adults as it has many smaller parts.

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buy Tardis LEGO Kit 21304

Tardis LEGO Kit 21304

Now there is a real LEGO kit that makes you assemble the Tardis and yes it is bigger on the inside.

The Tardis itself is regular size but inside you find the control room witch of course is bigger then the Tardis that is connected to it. So you can play back your favourite Doctor Who adventures.

LEGO set 21304 also includes 2 Daleks, 1 Weeping Angel and Clara Oswald and the 11th and 12th Doctor.

It’s to much fun not to want this LEGO set and yes it does make for the perfect present for a true Doctor Who fan or just someone that likes LEGO.

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buy Clara Oswald Action Figure

Clara Oswald Action Figure

Now you can have your own companion and it can be a true Doctor Who companion to as this is a figure of Clara.

Yes a Clara Oswald action figure to pose or play with.

And Clara even comes in a nice box so that you can just keep her look pretty instead of play with the toy.

The action figure of Clara Oswald is 5 1/2 inch and is posable as arms, legs and head can move.

Replay Doctor Who adventures with this action figure instead of rewatching it on TV.

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buy 4th Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

4th Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

4th Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

This is the Sonic Screwdriver used by the 4th Doctor Who and this one can be yours.

True Doctor Who fans of course have at least one Sonic Screwdriver lying around and if you liked Tom Baker as Doctor Who then maybe this one would be a great addition to your collection.

Just like the original Sonic Screwdriver used on the TV the shaft retracts in and when it does one of two Sonic Screwdriver sounds can be heard to make it look so real.

Of course a Sonic Screwdriver would be a great addition to your Doctor Who costume to.

Come take a better look at this 4th Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver.

buy Levitating Tardis

Levitating Tardis

Doctor Who Levitating Tardis Toy

Now you can have you own flying Tardis that never leaves your desk.

This Doctor Who product is a black holder with in the middle a levitating Tardis.

Yes the Tardis will fly and you can even make it spin if you push it.

It runs on 6 AA batteries and can fly all day long just to amuse you.

The Tardis of course is 3D and is about 3 inch tall and will does it’s levitation trick  by using magnets.

Just imagine having this on your desk of bookshelf, it will be hard not to play with it and that is the point of this fun item.

Come take a closer look at this Doctor Who Levitating Tardis Toy.

buy Remote Controlled K-9 Robot Dog

Remote Controlled K-9 Robot Dog

Doctor Who Remote Controlled K-9 Robot Dog

If you are a Doctor Who fan that really wants a dog then you just have to look at this K-9.

This is a remote controlled K-9 just like we know the robot dog from the Doctor Who TV series.

K-9 is about 1/4 of the original K-9 size but just like the real robot dog he can move around with and has real sounds and light.

Just maneuver your own K-9 robot dog through your life and of course show it to all your Doctor Who loving friends.

So why not add a dog to your life and this one does not need to go for walks and no poop to pick up either.

Doctor Who fans come take a closer look at this Doctor Who Remote Controlled K-9 Robot Dog.

buy Tardis Pull Back Toy

Tardis Pull Back Toy

Doctor Who Tardis Pull Back Toy

If you like to have your own Tardis then this is a great way to get one.

No it is not the real deal that moves through time and space but this Tardis is great fun.

Doctor Who fans are all gone want to have this Tardis, just put it down pull it back and it will start moving forward and even spin 360 degrees. So yes this Tardis toy does move through space just the space on the surface you put it on.

The Tardis pull back toy is about 4 inch tall and 2 inch wide making it the perfect size for you desk or a cabinet.

Come and check out this Doctor Who Pull Back Tardis Toy.

buy Black Dalek Sec Mr. Potato Head

Black Dalek Sec Mr. Potato Head

Doctor Who Black Dalek Sec Mr. Potato Head Toy

There was already a gold Dalek Mr. Potato Head and now there is a black one also know as Dalek Sec.

Doctor Who fans of course would like to own all the Mr. Potato Head toys made in the Doctor Who series so that you can mix and match parts.

And I know that you will like this black Dalek. The Dalek Sec has all the unusual parts and comes with two head pieces one with and one without eyes.

I think it would be pretty fun having a Dalek standing on a bookshelf specially if it is a Mr. Potato Head toy.

Do you want you own Dalek army? If so then start wit this Doctor Who Black Dalek Sec Mr. Potato Head.

buy Dalek Patrol Ship And Pilot

Dalek Patrol Ship And Pilot

Doctor Who Dalek Patrol Ship And Pilot

If you are a collector of everything Doctor Who then this is an item that is just amazing.

It is toy version of a Dalek patrol ship complete with real working canon and inside it you find a Dalek of course as pilot of this ship.

The Patrol ship is about 8 inch tall and is great for playing and just having on a shelve to admire. Inside the ship you find a 3.75 inch tall Dalek action figure with gold and black panels .

All this comes in a real nice display box with a big window so that you can keep this toy in new condition if you want.

Why wait just come and add you own Doctor Who Dalek Patrol Ship And Pilot.