buy 11th Doctor Plush

11th Doctor Plush

Eleventh Doctor Plush toy

OK you collect anything Doctor Who but do you have your own Doctor yet?

If not then this is a plush made to look like the 11th Doctor.

This Doctor Who plush is 8 inch tall and of course looks just like the Doctor complete with red bow tie and a Sonic Screwdriver that lights up. And to make this plush version of the Doctor even better they made it possible for the plush to talk.

This plush Doctor Who is a must have item that should not be missing in your Doctor Who collection.

So why wait come give the Doctor a home, get your own Doctor Who 11th Doctor Plush.

buy Dalek Mr. Potato Head

Dalek Mr. Potato Head

Dr. Who Dalek Mr. Potato Head toy

Mr. Potato Head toys are great fun to play with and now you can have a gold Dalek as a Mr. Potato Head.

This Dalek stands 7″ tall and can be configured the way you like it and when you are done playing with the Dalek Mr. Potato Head then it could be fun to let it play with the 11th Doctor Mr. Potato Head that we already showed you.

This Doctor Who Dalek Mr. Potato Head is great for kids 2 and up and it will make a great addition to your collection of Doctor Who toys.

Let playtime start with this Doctor Who Gold Dalek Mr. Potato Head.

buy Cybermat Toy

Cybermat Toy

Doctor Who Cybermat Toy

We know that the Cybermen use little robot helpers called the Cybermat and now you can have one for yourself as an electronic pet.

Doctor Who has seen a bunch of variations of the Cybermat but this one is just to cute (when you stay at a distance).

It is a toy version of the Cybermat and it will patrol and hunt on its own. Just turn it on and of it goes and when it bumps into something then it will just turn around and move somewhere else it thinks it has to go.

And this toy will not bring real Cybermen to your home (as far as we know) so it is completely harmless (we hope).

Come and have a closer look at this Doctor Who Cybermat Toy.

buy Dalek Watch With Remote Controlled Dalek

Dalek Watch With Remote Controlled Dalek

Doctor Who Watch With Remote Controlled Dalek

Do you want a Doctor Who watch and a remote controlled Dalek?

You are in luck as this is both.

The little blue Dalek can live on the watch bad when not in use and other wise you can control it with the Dalek watch.

Yes this r/c Dalek is controlled by the watch that has buttons on it to navigate the blue Dalek around.

And besides being a great toy this is also a great Doctor Who watch. The digital watch has a bunch of Dalek on the watch face and that is different then most watches so it is special.

Get your own Dalek that you can control with the watch and wait for the Doctor to show up to see what is going on.

So come and get your Doctor Who Dalek R/C Watch.

buy Tardis Tent

Tardis Tent

Doctor Who Tardis expandable tent

We Doctor Who fans would love to get into the Tardis but that will probably not happen to most of us.

So how about this Tardis tent?

This Tardis tent looks like the Tardis on the outside and the inside and you can open it up to play Doctor Who in it.

The tent is 61 inch tall and 35 inch wide making it perfect to play in an to have to show off to your Whovian friends.

Just imagine having this tent standing in the garden and then a Doctor Who fan walks bye or even better have a life size cut out poster standing next to it.

To many fun things you can do with this tent so why not come and have a closer look at this Doctor Who Tardis Tent.

buy 11th Doctor Mr. Potato Head

11th Doctor Mr. Potato Head

Doctor Who Mr. Potato Head Toy

Mr. Potato Head is one of those kids toys that are so much fun to play with and now Mr. Potato Head wants to be a time lord and he choose to be the 11th Doctor.

This Doctor Who Mr. Potato Head comes with 8 removable piece including his hat and his Sonic Screwdriver.

Now that Matt Smith changed into a potato we can start thinking about the 12th Doctor while playing with the 11th Doctor as a Mr. Potato Head toy.

Not only is it super fun to play with it is also great to just have as a decoration piece in your book shelve.

Doctor Who collectors come and check out this Doctor Who 11th Doctor Mr. Potato Head.

buy Inflatable Dalek

Inflatable Dalek

Doctor Who Inflatable Dalek

Now you can have your own Dalek, one of Doctor Who’s enemies can now be living with you.

This is an almost life size version of a red Dalek witch stands more then 5 feet tall.

And to make it even more fun this is an inflatable Dalek so you can kill it any time you want by just letting the air out. (I wonder if the Doctor knows this)

This inflatable Dalek comes in two parts and that makes it possible to rotate the head.

A Dalek like this is great for your home, office or a Doctor Who party.

So time to blow up a Dalek but first come and order your Doctor Who Red Inflatable Dalek.