buy Tardis Galaxy Cup And Saucer

Tardis Galaxy Cup And Saucer

Now Doctor Who fans can drink tea in style all thanks to this Tardis Galaxy Cup And Saucer.

OK maybe you are a mug person but now you can get more classy al thanks to this cup.

The cup is blue and with on it the Tardis design with the door windows and the top sign and it looks all amazing and then there is a saucer that shows the galaxy that the Tardis flies through.

And this amazing Doctor Who drinking vessel is made from ceramic but it is hand wash only as you really would like this cup look amazing for many years to come.

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buy Dalek And Tardis Glass Set

Dalek And Tardis Glass Set

If you like Doctor Who and drinking then you need this Dalek and Tardis glass set.

The set has two nice Doctor Who glasses and on shows a Tardis and one that shows a Dalek and then on the back of the glass you will find a Doctor Who logo.

The Doctor Who glasses are 18oz tumblers and they come in a nice full color gift box so that you can make your friends happy if you get them some Doctor Who glasses for having a nice drink while watching Doctor Who on TV.

Why have a plain glass when you can have something way cooler?

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buy Tardis And Dalek Bamboo Tumblers

Tardis And Dalek Bamboo Tumblers

If you want a drink in Doctor Who style then you have to check out this set of Tardis and Dalek bamboo tumblers.

You get two amazing looking cups that can hold 24 oz of your favorite drink and they are dishwasher safe and they are made from bamboo making them also biodegradable.

And Doctor Who cups have amazing graphics. One cup shows the Tardis on it and the other a Dalek and they have different images on the front and back and both look really amazing.

Wine, juice, and water will all work fine in these amazing tumblers and they will last as long as you are a Doctor Who fan and then it can just biodegrade and go back to nature.

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buy Ceramic Tardis Stein Mug

Ceramic Tardis Stein Mug

Now there is a ceramic Tardis stein mug that every Doctor Who fan that likes a good beer just needs to own.

This Tardis stein is square and looks like the Tardis and yes there is a lid that is connected to the handle so that you can cover your drink when you take a break.

The ceramic stein can hold 50oz of your favorite beverage and is approximately 9 inches tall.

A mug like this is something every Doctor Who collection deserves and even if you don’t like to drink from it then you can still use it to store things inside.

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buy Tardis Sign Paper Cups

Tardis Sign Paper Cups

If you are planning a Doctor Who themed party then you need these Tardis paper cups.

The paper cups are Tardis blue and have the famous door sign on them so that everyone finally can read the whole text that you can find on the door of the Tardis and any classic blue police box.

With 8 cups in each pack this set is a good start for any party. Birthday, bbq or more these 9 oz cups are strong and perfect sized for almost any drink.

And paper cups don’t have to be washed so after your party clean up will be easy to.

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buy Doctor Who Party Supply Set

Doctor Who Party Supply Set

If you want a Doctor Who themed party or maybe even a birthday party then this  party supply set could be just what you need.

The set is good for a party of 16 people as it includes 16 paper cups, 16 7 inch plates and 16 napkins.

On the plates and cups you can see the blue police box that we all know as the Tardis and next to it you can see what to me looks like the Sonic Screwdriver of the 4th Doctor and on the other side of the Tardis you can see red bowties.

The napkins have something like a vortex on it and if you look closely you can see them to in the background of the plates and cups.

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buy Tardis Acrylic Travel Cup With Straw

Tardis Acrylic Travel Cup With Straw

In the winter you take you Doctor Who travel mug with hot drinks but in the summer you need a cup that can hold cold drinks and still be cool.

Now there is the acrylic cup that has the Tardis on it and a nice see-through lid with straw so that you can enjoy your ice cold drinks while on the go.

This travel cup is perfect for every Doctor Who fan out there and it’s BPA free and can hold up to 16oz of you favorite beverage.

Get your Tardis Acrylic Travel Cup With Straw

buy Doctor Who Paper Cups

Doctor Who Paper Cups

Doctor Who Paper Cups

If you are gone have a Doctor Who party then of course you need special party wear.

And now there is this set of 8 paper cups that are all in the spirit of Doctor Who.

The paper cups are light blue and on that you can find the Tardis and Cybermen and Dalek and the words “Go Party!”.

Special paper cups like these just make a Doctor Who birthday party even better and no worries the Dalek and Cybermen will behave because they like cake to.

Come and get that party started with these Doctor Who Paper Cups.

buy Disappearing Tardis Pint Glass

Disappearing Tardis Pint Glass

Dr. Who Disappearing Tardis Pint Glass

Looking for a good reason to take a cold drink?

This set of 2 Tardis glasses will give you that reason.

The pint size glass shows a pale blue picture of the Tardis on one side and the Doctor Who logo on the other. But when you put a cold drink in it then that all changes to bright colored pictures.

A glass of cold water will give you that nice blue Tardis but I can imagine that some other drinks will do that to as long as they are cold.

Now you can feel a bit like Doctor Who as you can make the Tardis appear and disappear.

Get rid of those boring pint glasses and replace them with these Doctor Who Disappearing Tardis Pint Glass.

buy Doctor Who Mini Glass Set Of 4

Doctor Who Mini Glass Set Of 4

Doctor Who Mini Glass Set Of 4

Need some small glasses for shots of some other drinks?

Doctor Who fans are gone love these little ceramic glasses that come in a pack of 4.

The cups are white but are covered with comic style art. Each cup has a different color and on one side you can see the Doctor Who logo and on the other something from the show. You can see the Tardis, Dalek, Cyberman or The Silence on the cups.

And yes these Doctor Who glasses are dishwasher safe but they can not be used in the microwave.

Tea, coffee or something strong it all will fit in this set of Doctor Who Mini Glasses.