buy Tardis Vworp Vworp Pajama

Tardis Vworp Vworp Pajama

Doctor Who Tardis Vworp Vworp boys Pajama

Kids love Doctor Who to and now there is a new pajama set that will make many adults jealous.

This 100% cotton pajama set comes in kids sizes 6 -16 and is officially licenced.

The pants of these Doctor Who pajamas are blue with in a slightly darker blue a logo that says “BBC Doctor Who” and that goes all over the pants. And the pajama shirt is dark blue with on it a cartoon style picture of the Tardis with the words “Vworp Vworp” and the sale logo as the pants around it.

Boys and girls are both gone like these amazing looking Tardis Pajamas For Kids.

buy Doctor Who Kids Onesie Pajama

Doctor Who Kids Onesie Pajama

Doctor Who Kids Onesie Pajama

OK if you have kids that like Doctor Who then click on the picture above because they will love this onesie pajama as it is covered in Doctor Who things.

These kids pajamas have red cuffs and neckline and besides that it is black but covered in images of the Tardis, Dalek, Sonic Screwdriver and the Doctor Who logo and all those images are in a bunch of colors making this kids sleepwear fun and colorful.

This one piece pajama comes in sizes 6 – 12 and is made from 100% cotton.

Just imagine getting your boy or girl this onesie besides sleeping it will quickly become their favorite piece of clothing that they want to wear the whole day.

Make a little Doctor Who fan happy with this Doctor Who Kids Onesie Pajama.

buy Dalek Kids Pajamas For Ages 4 – 12

Dalek Kids Pajamas For Ages 4 – 12

Dr. Who Dalek Kids boys Pajamas For Ages 4 - 12

Yes kids like Doctor Who and his adventures to and when it’s time to go to bed and start dreaming about the Doctor then maybe a great looking pajama would be nice.

This Dalek pajama could be perfect for your kid. The pajama is made from 100% cotton and is available in sizes for kids ages 4 – 12.

The pajama top is black with red details and also has a huge picture of a red Dalek on it and the Dalek has a lot of “Exterminate” to say. And then there are grey long pajama pants that again have red details but besides that are covered in little pictures of the same Dalek surrounded by it’s favorite catch fraise.

Kids are just gone love this pajama set so much that they are gone try going to school in them.

So why not make them happy and surprise them with these Doctor Who Dalek Kids Pajamas.

buy We All Live In A Yellow Time Machine T-Shirt

We All Live In A Yellow Time Machine T-Shirt

Doctor Who We All Live In A Yellow Time Machine T-Shirt

Are you a Doctor Who fan that also likes the Beatles?

If you are then you gone love this Tardis t-shirt.

On this t-shirt  you can see a yellow Tardis with fun flowers and symbols we know from the Beatles “Yellow Submarine Song” and below the Tardis it says “We All Live In A Yellow Time Machine”.

This fun colorful Doctor Who Tardis t-shirt comes is dark blue and black and in styles for kids, men and women in a wide range of sizes.

Get the Beatles song in your head while thinking of the Doctor and then simple wear this comfortable Doctor Who We All Live In A Yellow Time Machine T-Shirt.

buy Weeping Angel Don’t Blink T-Shirt

Weeping Angel Don’t Blink T-Shirt

Weeping Angel Don't Blink T-Shirt

This Doctor Who t-shirt looks scary and amazing.

The t-shirt is black and comes in a men, women’s and even kids version in all kind of sizes.
And on the shirt you can see a Weeping Angel surrounded by a sash that is hold in place by the Tardis.
On that sash you can find the rules to keep in mind when Weeping Angels are around.

The text says:

  • Don’t turn your back
  • Don’t look away
  • Don’t blink

And the look of the graphics on this Doctor Who t-shirt make it look like there is a real stone Angel on your shirt.

Lets warn the planet by wearing this Doctor Who Weeping Angel Don’t Blink T-Shirt.

buy Dalek Boys Pajamas

Dalek Boys Pajamas

dr. who Dalek Boys Pajamas

Do your kids like Doctor Who as much as you?

If so then they will love these Dalek pajamas. They have a dark body and pants and light blue sleeves and then of course there is a big picture of a Dalek on the shirt complete with the word “EXTERMINATE!” around it and on the bottom the Doctor Who logo witch are also on the pajama pants.

These 100% cotton Doctor Who pajamas are available for kids ages 4 to 10.

Maybe now the whole family can wear Doctor Who sleepwear while watching the latest episode of the Doctor.

As the picture above is not great come have a much better look at these Doctor Who Dalek Boys Pajamas.