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Red Dalek Christmas Ornament

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Green and Red are typical Christmas colors so why not have red Dalek in your green Christmas tree.

This glass ornament is 5″ tall and looks just like a real red Dalek but this one is in holiday spirit so he will be friendly even if he meets the Doctor.

Doctor Who fans want a Christmas themed around the Doctor and his friends and enemies who all will live in piece this holiday season.

So lets start by adding this Doctor Who Red Dalek Christmas Ornament.

buy Tardis Christmas Ornament

Tardis Christmas Ornament

Doctor Who Tardis Christmas Ornament

If you want a Doctor Who themed Christmas tree then you definitely need a Tardis tree ornament.

And now there is the perfect ornament. This Tardis ornament is based on the Tardis from the 11th Doctor and is made from glass.

The Tardis Christmas ornament is about 4 1/4 inch tall and really makes you tree complete.

No Doctor Who Christmas would be without a Tardis so an ornament is a perfect start.

Just imagine your tree with this Doctor Who Tardis Christmas Ornament.

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Yellow Dalek Christmas Tree Ornament

Your Doctor Who Christmas tree can use some fun colors and maybe add some yellow.

This Dalek loves to be part of your holiday celebrations.

It is a yellow Dalek Christmas ornament that will bring some fun yellow into your tree.

The Doctor Who ornament is made from glass and is about 5″ tall and because of that it will look amazing in your tree.

Lets all be friends this holiday season Dalek or not let have peace in world of Doctor Who.

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buy 11 Doctors Glass Ball Ornament

11 Doctors Glass Ball Ornament

Doctor Who Glass Ball Christmas Ornament

Of cours you could have 1 Doctor as Christmas ornament but how about 11 of them?

Now you can because this ball ornament shows 11 Doctors with the 11th Doctor Who in the middle.

Your Christmas tree will look so amazing with this glass ball ornament that will stand out nicely with all the other decorations.

The blue ball is made from glass and designed by Kurt Adler who is famous for his quality Christmas decorations.

So if you want Doctors 1 – 11 in your tree then you just need to get this Doctor Who All Doctors Christmas Ornament.

buy K-9 Christmas Ornament

K-9 Christmas Ornament

Dr. Who K-9 Christmas Ornament

K-9 is one of the Doctor’s oldest companions and even though he doesn’t show up often we still have him close to our heart.

And now K-9 loves to be part of your Christmas tree.

This Doctor Who K-9 Christmas ornament shows K-9 complete with some decorations like fluff on his ears.
A K-9 ornament is special and that is why it is made by Kurt Adler and it is made from glass.

The K-9 robot dog is about 4″ wide and 3″ high and is specially hand crafted for your Christmas tree.

Doctor Who loves to see K-9 in your tree so why wait come get your Doctor Who K-9 Christmas Ornament.

buy Doctor Who 5 Piece Christmas Ornament Set

Doctor Who 5 Piece Christmas Ornament Set

Do you want to decorate your Christmas tree Doctor Who themed this year?

If you do then you should check out this Doctor Who ornament set.

The set has 5 pieces and include a Tardis, Dalek, Doctor Who Logo, Cyberman and a Sonic Screwdriver.
Each Christmas ornament is about 2 inch tall and comes with a silver hanging loop.

Just imagine how much fun you tree would look this holiday season when it is all decorated with Doctor Who items.

And as it is Christmas the Doctor will not mind that you have some of his enemies in you tree because Christmas is the time of year that we forgive our enemies.

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buy 11th Doctor And Sonic Screwdriver Christmas Ornament

11th Doctor And Sonic Screwdriver Christmas Ornament

As Doctor Who fan you, of course, want Christmas also to have a Doctor Who theme.

With these two Christmas ornaments, your tree will have a strong Doctor Who theme especially because one of these two ornaments is the Doctor himself.

This set has two ornaments that are around 4 1/2 inch tall and both have a silver loop to hang them in the tree.
And the ornaments are the Sonic Screwdriver of the 11th Doctor and yes the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith.

So now you can have a real Doctor Who ornament that actually looks like the Doctor and his useful tool the Sonic Screwdriver.

You Christmas has to be super this year if you just have these two ornaments in your tree.

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buy Cyberman Christmas Ornament

Cyberman Christmas Ornament

Christmas is that time of year that we forgive the mistake we and others made.

And Doctor Who will probably forgive the Cybermen for the bad things they did and do.

A fun way to forgive is to give these enemies of the Doctor a place in the Christmas tree.

So how about a Cyerman in your tree?

This glass Cyberman ornament shows the head of a Cyberman with amazing details and it is hand painted.
All in all a very special christmas ornament that can’t be missing in any Doctor Who collection.

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