buy Davros Dalek Christmas Ornament

Davros Dalek Christmas Ornament

What is missing in your Christmas tree? Maybe it’s Davros.

If you are a true Doctor Who fan with a tree that has Doctor Who details then this Davros Dalek ornament could be a great addition. Of course I can’t say if Davros really is into the holidays but hey he can’t go anywhere as he hang down on a string.

And this creator of the Dalek measures 3 1/2″ tall x 2″ wide x 2 1/2″ deep and that does not make him look that scary.

You Doctor Who Christmas tree would be bare without this ornament so why not have one added.

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buy Ceramic Tardis Christmas Ornament

Ceramic Tardis Christmas Ornament

Now you Christmas tree can have a nice Doctor Who ornament in it.

This ornament is a round ceramic disc with on the front picture of the Tardis decorated for Christmas while standing in a snowy landscape. On the back the ornament shows the Doctor Who DW logo and it’s wearing a Santa hat.

It’s just a fun way to decorate you tree.

The ornament is 2.85 inch and is available with hanging strings in red, silver or white to make it fit your Christmas decor.

An ornament like this you may not find in store and that is why a true Doctor Who fan wants to check it out.

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buy Blue Dalek Christmas Ornament

Blue Dalek Christmas Ornament

Doctor Who Blue Dalek Christmas Ornament

A Christmas tree from a Doctor Who fan of course needs a Dalek in it and now there is a blue Dalek that would look stunning in your tree.

This is a glass ornament by Kurt Adler and is about 3.5 inch tall. And because of the glass and the paint this is a nice and shiny piece that will sparkle with all those Christmas lights in your tree.

OK Dalek are not friends but still they are part of the world of The Doctor so that means they belong in the tree to.

Now is that time to find the right spot in your Christmas tree for this Doctor Who Blue Dalek Christmas Tree Ornament.

buy Cyberman Christmas Ornament

Cyberman Christmas Ornament

Doctor Who Cyberman Christmas Ornament

Now your Christmas tree can have one of the bad guys from Doctor Who in it.

This Christmas ornament is a Cyberman and that of course is kinda freaky but don’t worry he is just tiny.

At 4.75 inch tall this plastic Cyberman will be a great addition to your tree and his color will work perfectly with any Christmas decorations in you home.

People who don’t know Doctor Who may look a bit surprised when they see this little robot hanging in your tree. But that of course is a good way to make them watch Doctor Who with you until they understand what a Cyberman is.

Doctor Who fans come your own Doctor Who Cyberman Christmas Tree Ornament.

buy Tardis Light Up 28 Inch Christmas Display

Tardis Light Up 28 Inch Christmas Display

Of course your home or garden can use a Tardis Christmas display and now there is one.

This is a 28 inch tall Tardis that has lights build in and even a big red ribbon around it. Just plug it into a power socket and your holiday can start.

Just imagine this Tardis standing in the snow it will just be magical.

Made by Kurt Adler this Doctor Who outdoor Christmas decoration has all the details you hoped for wit signs and all.

Besides being 28 inch tall it is also 15.75 inch wide and that makes it like a real 3D Tardis.

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buy Tardis Starry Night Christmas Tree Ornament

Tardis Starry Night Christmas Tree Ornament

Doctor Who Exploding Tardis Christmas tree Ornament

If you are looking for that one perfect tree ornament from Christmas then why not look at this hand painted Doctor Who ornament.

This ball ornament is made from glass and shows the famous Vincent van Gogh painting of starry night but then in the Doctor Who version that shows the Tardis exploding in many pieces.

Just imagine the blue’s and yellows of this ornament making your tree look better and really can a true Whovian live without an ornament like this.

The diameter of this glass ball is almost 4 inch and that makes this Doctor Who ornament just the perfect size to.

Get ready to decorate that tree with this Doctor Who Exploding Tardis Christmas Tree Ornament.

buy Doctor Who Christmas Tree Set

Doctor Who Christmas Tree Set

Doctor Who Christmas Tree Set. Including a 18 inch tall tree with ornaments and garland.

No room for a big Christmas tree?

If you like Doctor Who then you are in luck as this is an 18 inch tall Doctor Who Christmas tree set.

The set includes a blue tree and a garland. And there are ornaments to, 22 ornaments that have pictures on them like the 11th Doctor, Tardis, Dalek and Cybermen.

So now even the smallest space can have some fun Christmas decorations. Whovian’s can now have Doctor Who Christmas trees at home, work and maybe even at school.

A fun little blue tree like this is just a perfect way to prepare for this years Doctor Who Christmas special. So don’t wait any longer just order your Doctor Who Christmas Tree Set.

buy Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper

Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper

This Christmas tree topper will make people stare at your tree without blinking.

Doctor Who fans know why, it’s all about the angel on top.

Angels of course are part of Christmas but Weeping Angels are more part of a scary Doctor Who story.

This Weeping Angel is made from plastic and keeps it’s eyes covered but do you know what will happen when you blink? And do you want to find out?

At about 8.2 inch tall this Doctor Who Christmas ornament is just perfect for any Doctor Who decorate Christmas tree. Real or fake this Weeping Angel wants to be part of you holiday decorations.

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buy 11th Doctor T-Shirt Christmas Tree Ornament

11th Doctor T-Shirt Christmas Tree Ornament

Dr. Who 11th Doctor T-Shirt Christmas Tree Ornament

Doctor 11 maybe gone but he still lives on in most Whovian’s memories.

And luckily for us there now is a new Christmas tree ornament that is all about Matt Smith as the Doctor.

This Doctor Who ornament is made from glass and looks like a t-shirt with on the shirt a photo of the 11th Doctor and the text “Trust ME I’m the Doctor”.

At 3 1/2 inch tall this ornament is just the perfect size to fit in your Christmas tree this holiday season.

Balls are fun but an tree ornament that is shaped like a t-shirt that is what you want so get ready to get your own Doctor Who T-Shirt Christmas Tree Ornament.

buy Silver Tardis Ornament

Silver Tardis Ornament

If you are a real Whovian then, of course, your Christmas tree needs Doctor Who ornament.

How about this glass Tardis?

The Tardis is not blue this time but silver, as it is specially made for the 50th anniversary and this special Tardis, will look amazing in almost any Christmas tree as the silver tone goes well with many colors in your tree.

Christmas will never be the same now you have your own personal Tardis in your tree.

The Tardis ornament is 4 1/4 inch tall and is ready to hang in your tree.

And if you don’t have a Christmas tree then maybe give it a spot on a shelve or hang it somewhere else.

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