buy 11th Doctor And The Tardis Men’s Underwear

11th Doctor And The Tardis Men’s Underwear

Doctor Who fans can get this clean 11th Doctor And The Tardis Men’s Underwear.

If the 11th Doctor is your favorite and you want to show that by even have him on your underwear.

These Doctor Who boxer briefs are dark blue that show a really cool scenery on it with the night sky and you can see silhouettes of trees, the Tardis and the 11th Doctor is leaning against it.

You can get this really neat Doctor Who underwear in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and they are made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

And if you want to see other pairs of Doctor Who underwear too then just click on the picture and you will find some other fun designs

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buy 13th Doctor Spiral Notebook

13th Doctor Spiral Notebook

Write down all your thoughts in this cool 13th Doctor Spiral Notebook that is just perfect for a Doctor Who fan like you.

This Doctor Who notebook has a nice spiral so that you can keep it open easily on the page you want and this notebook has 120 pages and comes in a graph and ruled paper.

And it is basically a normal notebook so it is great for all your notes that you like to take maybe even use it at school or the office or just at home for your as you daily journal.

But to make this notebook special they added a really neat picture of the 13th Doctor on the front and she is standing in front of a neat striped and colorful background.

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buy The Legends Of River Song Book

The Legends Of River Song Book

Doctor Who fans can now get this The Legends Of River Song Book and learn more about the world of the Time Lords.

River Song or Melody Pond, Melody Malone and they’re maybe more ways to call her is here to tell you more about the magical world of Doctor Who.

We as true fans of the world of the Doctor know that River Song has done a lot and she wrote some of her stories down for us to read.

And maybe we finally figure out if she married the Doctor or not.

You can get the The Legends Of River Song as a physical book or as an ebook and you need it so come get on.

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buy Tardis Serving Tray

Tardis Serving Tray

If you need a serving tray and are a Doctor Who fan then you should check out this Tardis Serving Tray.

The serving tray comes in black or natural wood and then the bottom of the tray it has an image of the Tardis on it and that is just fun because then you can have a tray to carry your stuff while being reminded how awesome Doctor Who is.

And this Doctor Who serving tray is available in different sizes too.

Now you can have this tray in ready in the kitchen for dinner or in the living room with your TV remotes on it.

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buy 11th Doctor Costume Mug

11th Doctor Costume Mug

Now it is time for your morning coffee from this 11th Doctor Costume Mug.

If you are a Doctor Who fan that loves the 11th Doctor then this is the mug you are going to love.

The mug has a print on it that shows the jacket, shirt, and bowtie on it and even his Sonic Screwdriver is in the pocket and on the back you can still see the fabric of the jacket but it also says “Bow Ties Are Cool!” and also the Doctor Who logo.

Morning coffee, afternoon tea or what ever your favorite drink is this Doctor Who mug is great for drinking it out of.

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buy Dalek Face Mask

Dalek Face Mask

Doctor Who fans can now get this Dalek Face Mask .

Face masks are a needed but getting one that is not reusable is not a great thing and that is why you want this Doctor Who face mask as you can wash it and reuse.

And this Dalek face mask comes in adults and kids sizes so that all the true Doctor Who fans can enjoy wearing one.

The face mask is white and on it in black you can see the top of a Dalek and below that the text “Exterminate” which we all know is what a true Dalek keeps saying and this time it just wants to exterminate the damm virus.

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buy Amy The Doctor And An Angel Art Print

Amy The Doctor And An Angel Art Print

You can now get this Amy The Doctor And An Angel Art Print and give it a nice spot on your wall.

If you are a Doctor Who fan that want something nice on the wall that is not a poster then this framed piece is what you want.

This Doctor Who art print is framed and you can pick the color of the frame and you can even pick the color of the paper around the art so that it really becomes what you want and just click on the picture to see all your options.

The art itself shows a Weeping Angel in the background with Amy Pond in front of it and then all the way in the front you find the 11th Doctor who is holding up his Sonic Screwdriver like something is happening in front of you. It is an great piece that now just needs a space to hang it.

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buy The Tardis In Japan T-Shirt

The Tardis In Japan T-Shirt

Doctor Who fans young or old can now all enjoy this The Tardis In Japan T-Shirt.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is available in many colors and styles for men, women, and kids and they are available in many sizes from a kids 6 months all the way to and adults 10XL.

On the t-shirt you can find a big square and in that you find a nice Japanese garden and there in the middle of it you can find the famous blue police box that we as Doctor Who fans all know as the Tardis.

It is a great Doctor Who t-shirt and that it is available for both adults and kids so anyone can get one which makes it really neat.

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buy Doctor Who Coloring Book

Doctor Who Coloring Book

Get out the coloring pencils and check out this Doctor Who Coloring Book.

As a Doctor Who fan you may like to do some coloring and then this is the coloring book for you as it has lots and lots of pages for you to color all with something related to Doctor Who and the adventures.

The coloring book has 62 pages and that means you can do lots of coloring before you need to go back at staring at you phone.

Inside the coloring book you will find of course images of Doctor Who and even some companions and don’t forget some villains and even the Tardis.

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buy 13th Doctor Silhouette T-Shirt

13th Doctor Silhouette T-Shirt

Now there is this really cool 13th Doctor Silhouette T-Shirt that is a fun shirt for a true Doctor Who fan like you.

This Doctor Who fan is great for both men and women and is available in sizes Small – 3XL and a whole bunch of colors.

We show you the blue version of the shirt as it just feels Doctor Who for me and then on top of all that it shows the first female Doctor Who but she looks a little bit different.

As you can see you just see a silhouette of the Doctor and the silhouette is filled with colored stripes just like she has on her shirt.

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