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Doctor Who Gift Set

This Doctor Who Gift Set is a great gift for a Doctor Who fan in your life.

This gift set includes 3 items all for the women that that want the Doctor near.

It all starts with a makeup bag that had a blue edge and is see through and has the doors of the Tardis on it and then there is a fun wristlet that has the Union Jack flag on it and the text “I heart Heart The Doctor” as they have two hearts and then finally there is a blue coin purse with a Gallifrey symbol on it.

The whole set is just a fun present so surprise a Doctor Who fan.

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Tardis Makeup Bag

Do you have a lot of makeup just lying around always lost in your bag or home?

A Doctor Who makeup bag would be perfect for you and luckily for you there now is this Tardis cosmetic bag.

The bag is of course Tardis blue and has a black zipper to keep all you powders, lipstick and other cosmetics safe and easy to find.

The Doctor Who cosmetic bag is 7 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch and yes it has the Tardis doors on them including the “Police Public Call Box” logo as well as the St John Ambulance logo.

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