buy Doctor Who Logo Heat Changing Mug

Doctor Who Logo Heat Changing Mug

If you want a fun Doctor Who mug then this mug is what you will like.

It’s a stein style mug that can hold 20oz of your favorite drink.

The mug is black with on it the BBC Doctor Who logo and then when you put your favorite hot beverage in it like coffee or tea then the black background will change to a blue galaxy that is so typical for Doctor Who.

So why drink your morning coffee or afternoon tea from a boring mug when you can have one that changes when it heats up?

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buy White Ceramic Dalek Bowls

White Ceramic Dalek Bowls

Now you can eat your morning cereal from Dalek bowls.

Doctor Who fans can now own a 4 piece bowl set that has a Dalek on the inside and the Doctor Who logo on the outside.

The ceramic bowls are 6.5 inches in diameter and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

The bowls are white and on the outside, you will find the Doctor Who logo and some gears in blue while on the inside you will find some of those gear but also a gold colored Dalek.

Bowls like this belong in the kitchen of a Doctor Who fan so don’t wait too long with ordering your own set of Dalek bowls.

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buy Doctor Who Logo Chrome Effect Lanyard

Doctor Who Logo Chrome Effect Lanyard

Lanyards are great ways to carry your keys and is you are a Doctor Who fan then you need to see this Doctor Who lanyard.

The Doctor Who lanyard is white and has in a chrome print the Doctor Who logo and the words “Doctor Who” on it. And to make this lanyard even better they added a little Tardis charm with the key hook and they added a card pouch with a picture in if of most of the Doctor’s from the past.

Now you can carry around you ID card or keys on this Doctor Who lanyard and maybe along the way find more Doctor Who fans like you.

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buy Doctor Who Logo Women’s panties

Doctor Who Logo Women’s panties

Now there are Doctor Who panties for women.

This Doctor Who underwear is light grey in color and made from 100% cotton.

On the back of these hipster panties you can find the classic Doctor Who logo in dark blue and white witch makes it look really nice on this underwear.

You can get these Doctor Who panties in women’s sizes Small – XL and are great for a true fan to wear because then the Doctor is always with you where ever you go.

Comfortable underwear is something everyone deserves and a Doctor Who fan can now have that luxury.

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buy Doctor Who Logo Slippers

Doctor Who Logo Slippers

After a day of work in uncomfortable shoes you want to go home and put on these black Doctor Who slippers.

These plush black slippers just are what you need for your tired sore feet and they look nice to.

On the footbed of these slippers it says in big letters “Doctor Who” and on the top of the slippers it shows the BBC Doctor Who logo.

And yes you can get these slippers in many sizes so that men and women that want some fun footwear for at home can enjoy them.

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buy Tardis Galaxy Umbrella

Tardis Galaxy Umbrella

Worried about getting wet in the rain and not looking amazing when you run into the Doctor?

No worries this Doctor Who umbrella will be your next best friend.

The Doctor Who umbrella has a round black handle and comes with a cover that is blue and has gears, Gallifrey symbols and the Doctor Who logo and even a strap for easy carrying. And the umbrella itself shows the Tardis inside on the inside of the umbrella and on the outside you find the galaxy with planets and again the Doctor Who logo.

No worries about the rain again because this Doctor Who umbrella will keep you dry.

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buy The Tardis, Clara And The Doctor Wall Decal Set

The Tardis, Clara And The Doctor Wall Decal Set

Do you want the Doctor and his companion near?

How about this wall decal set that includes Clara Oswald, Tardis and the 12th Doctor and a bunch of logo’s and other small decals.

Just imagine this on your wall.

The Tardis decal is 34 x 59 inch and Clara is 10 x 37 inch and finally the Doctor the decal of him is 16 x 41 inch. So all 3 together this wall decal will take some space but it will make you feel like you are part of the world of Doctor Who.

I would say if you have a blank wall then decorate it with this fun decal set.

Get your The Tardis, Clara And The Doctor Wall Decal Set

buy Ceramic Tardis Christmas Ornament

Ceramic Tardis Christmas Ornament

Now you Christmas tree can have a nice Doctor Who ornament in it.

This ornament is a round ceramic disc with on the front picture of the Tardis decorated for Christmas while standing in a snowy landscape. On the back the ornament shows the Doctor Who DW logo and it’s wearing a Santa hat.

It’s just a fun way to decorate you tree.

The ornament is 2.85 inch and is available with hanging strings in red, silver or white to make it fit your Christmas decor.

An ornament like this you may not find in store and that is why a true Doctor Who fan wants to check it out.

Get your Ceramic Tardis Christmas Ornament

buy Kids Neon Sign Doctor Who T-Shirt

Kids Neon Sign Doctor Who T-Shirt

Kids Neon Sign Doctor Who Logo T-Shirt

This white kids t-shirt is for the little Doctor Who fans out there.

On the t-shirt you can see the famous Doctor Who logo that looks like the Tardis but are actually a “D” and “W” next to each other with a shape on top. Besides that logo it also says Doctor Who in a fun print that does remind me of those classic neon sign only the text is in black so nothing neon there.

You can get this kids Doctor Who t-shirt in sizes XSmall – XL and it is made from 100% cotton for easy use and soft feel.

Come check out this Kids Neon Sign Doctor Who Logo T-Shirt.

buy My Other Ride Is The Tardis Licence Plate Frame

My Other Ride Is The Tardis Licence Plate Frame

Does you car has one of those boring licence plate frames put on there by the car dealer? Or maybe you car does not have a frame at all.

If you are a Doctor Who fan then this licence plate frame would be perfect for you.

The frame is Tardis blue and on the top you can see the “Police Public Call Box” sign and on the bottom you can see the Doctor Who logo and the text “My Other Ride Is The Tardis”.

I would think that a frame like this on you car will make it so much more fun to drive as now people can see how much of a Doctor Who fan you are.

Get your My Other Ride Is The Tardis Licence Plate Frame