buy 11th Doctor Who PEZ Dispenser

11th Doctor Who PEZ Dispenser

Doctor Who fans that love candy can now have this 11th Doctor Who PEZ Dispenser.

When you get your PEZ dispenser you get a nice box with inside it one package of PEZ candies and the dispenser that is brown with the head of the 11th Doctor Who on top.

Now simply put your candy inside it and then whenever you fold the head of the Doctor back a candy will appear.

And as PEZ dispensers can stand it will be great to have the Doctor standing on your desk or a shelve in your home. Now you just have to make sure you have enough candies for inside your Doctor Who candy dispenser.

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buy 11th Doctor Playmobil Action Figure

11th Doctor Playmobil Action Figure

Now there is a Playmobil action figure that looks like the 11th Doctor Who and that is what every Whovian wants.

This figure of the 11th Doctor is just like a classic Playmobil character only bigger as the Doctor is 6 inches tall and made in a collaboration between Funko and Playmobil.

As you can see on the picture the Playmobil character looks just like the real Doctor Who complete with his jacket and bow tie and he did bring his own Sonic Screwdriver.

This classic action figure is rated ages 5 and up and would be a great collector’s item and toy at the same time.

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buy 5 Doctor’s outfit socks

5 Doctor’s outfit socks

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of socks then you are in luck as this set of 5 pairs of socks is all about the Doctor.

The set includes 5 pairs of no-show socks and that means that you are the only one that knows that the Doctor is at your feet.

The Doctor Who socks show the outfits of 5 of the Doctors so that you can adjust the Doctor with the way you feel that day.

There are socks from Doctor’s 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12 and all have that written on the bottom but the top looks like their famous outfits.

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buy 11th Doctor Skate Style Cosplay Dress

11th Doctor Skate Style Cosplay Dress

If you want to look like a sexy version of the 11th Doctor then this Doctor Who dress is what you want.

The costume dress is great for Halloween or cosplay and has everything you want from you dress.

The skater style dress has a black skirt part and the sleeveless top looks like the jacket the 11th Doctor wears complete with a bow tie and there even are pockets for storing your Sonic Screwdriver.

This Doctor Who costume dress is available in women’s sizes XSmall – 3XL and just is amazing looking.

Besides cosplay or Halloween, this is still a super fun dress to wear and many people who never heard of Doctor Who will just admire your outfit.

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buy 11th Doctor And Mr Clever Figurine

11th Doctor And Mr Clever Figurine

If you are a Doctor Who figurine collector then you need this figurine of the 11th Doctor as it is really special.

The figurine is not just the 11th Doctor, inside him, you also find Mr Clever and you can see some Cybermen details to his body.

A unique figurine like this can’t be missing in your collection.

At 3 3/4 inch tall Mr Clever is just like most Pop! of the figurine’s made by Funko and the box has number 356 and is windowed so that you can keep the invaded Doctor inside the box to limit contamination with other figurines.

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buy 11th Doctor Wanted iPhone Case

11th Doctor Wanted iPhone Case

This is a Doctor Who wanted iPhone case that shows a wanted poster with the 11th Doctor on it and a reward of $50.000.

This iPhone case will fit the iPhone SE, 5s and the iPhone 5 so that your amazing phone can have the amazing Doctor Who on it.

A phone case will protect you phone from harm while making it look more personal for you. And this Wild West style Doctor Who poster shows the 11th Doctor at his best and that of course is something you want for your phone to look at it’s best just like the Doctor.

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buy 11th Doctor Series 7 Action Figure

11th Doctor Series 7 Action Figure

If you are looking for the most amazing Doctor Who action figure then you found it as this figurine of the 11th Doctor Who is just what every true fan needs.

This action figure of Matt Smith as the Doctor is at a 1:6 scale and that makes him about 12 inch tall.

And this is not just a figurine that can stand and be pretty, this is an action figure with many extra’s like hair pieces, fez, extra hands, Sonic Screwdriver and much more so that you can make the Doctor look the way you want him to be.

You can pose the Doctor your way and put it on it’s special stand so that it is ready to be admired.

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buy Tardis LEGO Kit 21304

Tardis LEGO Kit 21304

Now there is a real LEGO kit that makes you assemble the Tardis and yes it is bigger on the inside.

The Tardis itself is regular size but inside you find the control room witch of course is bigger then the Tardis that is connected to it. So you can play back your favourite Doctor Who adventures.

LEGO set 21304 also includes 2 Daleks, 1 Weeping Angel and Clara Oswald and the 11th and 12th Doctor.

It’s to much fun not to want this LEGO set and yes it does make for the perfect present for a true Doctor Who fan or just someone that likes LEGO.

Get your Tardis LEGO Kit 21304

buy Fez and Bow Tie Necklace

Fez and Bow Tie Necklace

If the 11th Doctor is your favorite then this necklace could be just what you need.

This necklace has an 18 inch metal chain with a 3 inch extender and on the necklace you can find two items only the 11th Doctor can wear so amazingly as he did. The red fez and purple bow tie.

You can find the bow tie dangling under the fez just like how it would look when Doctor Who would wear it.

Now you can have special jewelry that only a true Doctor Who fan would understand and the rest of the world would just think looks fun.

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buy 11th Doctor Notebook

11th Doctor Notebook

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of a notebook then this spiral bound notebook with the 11th Doctor on it could be just what you need.

On the cover of this notebook you can see a drawing of the 11th Doctor with his Sonic Screwdriver in his hand. It’s a great portrait of Matt Smith and I am sure that Doctor Who fans will love to own one of these.

The Doctor Who notebook is available a lined or graph version and has 120 pages. The notebook is 8.2 inch tall and 5.2 inch wide and would be great for school, work and just as a notebook around the house.

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