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Dalek Alarm Clock

Now a Dalek can wake you up in the morning as this is a Dalek Alarm clock that also can project time on the ceiling.

The alarm clock looks just like a real Dalek from Doctor Who only a lot smaller but it still says “EXTERMINATE” especially when it wants you to wake up.

And this Dalek clock is also great at night when you want to know what time it is, just press it on the top and the time will show on the ceiling.

The Doctor Who Dalek alarm clock runs on batteries and they are included so even if the power goes out this Dalek will keep going.

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buy Tardis Bad Wolf Wooden Clock

Tardis Bad Wolf Wooden Clock

Now a wall in your home can have a Doctor Who wall clock made from wood.

This wooden clock comes in walnut or cherry wood giving you the options between a lighter or darker color. Each clock is die cut in the shape of the Tardis and on the wood they engraved the details of the Tardis and they do include the “Bad Wolf” words on it.

The Tardis wall clock is 13.5 x 9 inch and it something truly unique and hard to find.

The Tardis from the Doctor may travel in time and space but this Doctor Who clock will tell you the right time for you any time.

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buy Tardis Projection Alarm Clock

Tardis Projection Alarm Clock

Doctor Who Tardis Projection Alarm Clock

Doctor Who fans can now be woken in the morning with the sounds of the Tardis.

Yes this Doctor Who alarm clock has an alarm sound that sounds like the Tardis and that is not all it also looks like the Tardis and can project the time on the ceiling.

Besides being able to project the time it also flashes when it’s time to wake up so that it’s like a real Doctor Who party happing in the morning just to get you out of bed.

The Tardis clock is about 4 1/2 inch tall and runs on AAA batteries (not included).

Make waking up fun with this Doctor Who Tardis Projection Alarm Clock.

buy Weeping Angel Moving Wall Clock

Weeping Angel Moving Wall Clock

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Moving Wall Clock

Now you can have a wall clock you can look at but never blink at.

This is a Weeping Angel wall clock perfect for a home of Doctor Who fans.

And this wall clock is special as the picture on the clock face changes if you look at it from different angles. One image shows neat angels standing around but then when you don’t pay attention they become into attack mode.

The Doctor Who wall clock has an 8 inch diameter and runs on 1 AA battery (not included).

In my opinion this wall clock is just the perfect way of telling time and of course it will also train you in not blinking.

Come before it’s to late and order your Doctor Who Weeping Angel Moving Wall Clock.

buy 11 Doctors Wall Clock

11 Doctors Wall Clock

Dr. Who 11 Doctors Wall Clock

Traveling in time and space makes knowing what time it is a bit difficult but for us humans the Doctor got us this clock.

This Doctor Who wall clock shows the Tardis in the middle and 11 Doctors around it.

Each hour has a Doctor, the 1st Doctor is at one all the way to the 11th Doctor on 11 and then on top it says “Doctor Who”.

The Doctor Who clock is 12 inch in diameter and is made from glass. The Doctor Who clock run on 1 aa battery witch is not included.

So lets find out what time it is with this Doctor Who 11 Doctors Wall Clock. 

buy Tardis Vortex Watch

Tardis Vortex Watch

Doctor Who Tardis watch

Telling time is something difficult for a time lord that travel through space and time all the time but with a special watch like this one it would be a lot easier.

This Doctor Who watch is 1.5″ in diameter and shows a space vortex and on that vortex you can see the hands on it that look a bit like sonic screwdrivers. But the coolest thing is the Tardis that is turning around the vortex every minute, it just keeps going and going.

The Doctor Who Tardis watch has a zinc alloy case and comes with a black faux leather strap.

And this Doctor Who watch comes in a great gift box for if you want to give it to a friend or just surprise your self.

If you don’t have a Doctor Who watch yet then you have to see this Doctor Who Tardis Watch.

buy Tardis Alarm Clock

Tardis Alarm Clock

Doctor Who Tardis Alarm Clock

A true Doctor Who fan would love to be woken by the sound of the Tardis and now you can because this Tardis alarm clock will make the real sound while it wakes you.

The Doctor Who alarm clock almost looks like a old fashion alarm clock but this one has a little Tardis on top. The clock is mainly blue with clear numbers round the edges and in the middle on the clock face we can see the Tardis flying to the next adventure of the Doctor.

The Tardis clock runs on 3 AAA batteries and will even make the Tardis sound by just pressing the Tardis on top.

Do you need a new alarm clock? Come check out this Doctor Who Tardis Alarm Clock.