buy Tardis Aquarium Ornament

Tardis Aquarium Ornament

Doctor Who fans with fish can now get this Tardis Aquarium Ornament for in the tank with your fish.

This ornament for the fish tank is made from resin and is 6.9 inches tall and looks just like a classic blue police box that we all know as the Tardis.

So now your fish tank can have a worn looking Tardis inside it so that you fish can swim around and if they are smart maybe they can get the Tardis to work again so that they can travel through time and space.

It will be fun to have this little Tardis in your tank and there is some holes in it so that you can even have air going through it.

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buy Red Dalek Aquarium Ornament

Red Dalek Aquarium Ornament

Do you have an aquarium?

If so then we found the perfect gift for your fish.

A Dalek aquarium ornament because even your fish love Doctor Who.

This red Dalek is 15cm tall and is specially made for in aquariums so no worries about being toxic to your fish.

Just imagine having a Dalek in your fish tank I am sure that some people will look confused.

And this Doctor Who aquarium ornament is officially licensed so you know it really close to have a real Dalek would look.

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