buy Don’t Blink Car Magnet

Don’t Blink Car Magnet

Now Doctor Who fans can have this Don’t Blink Car magnet on their car.

This magnet is made for the car so that you never have to worry about it falling off even at high speeds.

The Doctor Who magnet is Tardis blue and simply says “Don’t Blink” and a true fan knows that this what you need to know to be safe from Weeping Angels.

You need car magnet is 2.75 x 10 inches and is UV and water resistant and will not peel, crack, or fade.

And if you like something more permanent then you could choose for the sticker version of this too so that everyone that sees your car will know not to blink.

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buy Nightmare In Silver Magnet

Nightmare In Silver Magnet

Doctor Who Nightmare In Silver Cybermen Magnet

In the first season of the 12th Doctor we sure have seen a whole lot of Cybermen and on of those scene’s can be found on this magnet.

This Doctor Who magnet shows a scene at night with a whole bunch of Cybermen in the background and one right up front and beside that one it says “Nightmare in Silver”.

Now you fridge, locker or any other metal surface (yes even a Cyberman) can have this magnet on it. The Cybermen magnet is 2 x 3 inch and will look stunning on so many surfaces.

If you are a true Doctor Who fan then you gone want this Doctor Who Nightmare In Silver Cybermen Magnet.

buy Tardis Bigger On The Inside Car Magnet

Tardis Bigger On The Inside Car Magnet

Doctor Who Tardis Bigger On The Inside Car Magnet

Now your car can show the world how much of a Doctor Who fan you are with this die cut magnet.

This magnet shows the Tardis and next to it the text “Bigger on the inside” and that is true for the Tardis and maybe true for your car.

Besides on a car you can of course use this magnet on different surfaces to as long as they are made from metal. How about making it into a fridge magnet for instance.

Now people have to stop saying your car is tiny just because of this Doctor Who Tardis Bigger On The Inside Car Magnet.

buy Tardis Bad Wolf Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle

Tardis Bad Wolf Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle

Many of us had those magnetic words on our fridge and try to make funny sentences with it. But hey that is so 10 years ago.

But Doctor Who are in luck as now there is a magnetic jigsaw puzzle that looks like the doors of the Tardis with the words “Bad Wolf” painted on them.

And this jigsaw puzzle is not small either, it is 8.5 x 10 inch.

Now while cooking you and your friends can try to reassemble the Tardis from the Doctor.

It’s just a fun game that also makes you fridge look cool again.

Get your Tardis Bad Wolf Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle

buy Tardis Taking Off Magnet

Tardis Taking Off Magnet

Dr. Who Tardis Taking Off Magnet

Make your fridge, whiteboard, locker or other metal surface look Doctor Who cool with a Tardis magnet.

This magnet is 3 inch long and 2 inch wide and it shows the Tardis white taking off with lots of orange and white in the background that almost looks like wet paint. And besides the Tardis this magnet also has the famous Doctor Who logo on it to make it all complete.

You clean fridge is your canvas to express yourself on and if Doctor Who is on your mind more then coffee then this fridge magnet just needs to be there.

Now is the time to get your own Doctor Who Tardis Taking Off Magnet.

buy My Order Ride Is A Tardis Car Magnet

My Order Ride Is A Tardis Car Magnet

A Doctor Who fan of course would like to have a Tardis to travel around.

If you are one of those people that want but can’t afford a real Tardis there now is this magnet that you can stick on your car or your bike.

The die cut magnet is yellow and has the Tardis on it and the text “My other ride is a Tardis”.

And this flexible vinyl magnet is made for on the car so that other drivers behind you will look strange and before they figure out that you are a Doctor Who fan all the way.

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buy I Heart Heart The Doctor Magnet

I Heart Heart The Doctor Magnet

Of course you love Doctor Who because why else are you here.

And now there is a magnet that shows the Doctor Who love we all have. This red magnet shows two little hears with in it the Doctor Who logo and then there are the words “I” and “The Doctor” making it “I heart heart The Doctor”. And that of course is so to the point as the Doctor has two hearts.

The I love Doctor Who magnet is 2.3 inch and makes a great addition to you collection of fridge magnets. And besides the fridge this magnet loves to be on any other metal surfaces to.

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buy Keep Calm I’m The Doctor Magnet

Keep Calm I’m The Doctor Magnet

Now you can decorate any metal object with a fun Doctor Who magnet.

This square magnet is blue and has a picture of the Tardis and below that the text “Keep Calm I’m The Doctor”.
A magnet like this would look great on a fridge, car, locker and about any other metal surface.

The Doctor Who keep calm fridge magnet is 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch and is made from flexible vinyl.

No more boring flat metal surfaces as this Doctor Who magnet can change them for the better.

Get your Keep Calm I’m The Doctor Magnet

buy Tardis Shaped Fridge Magnet

Tardis Shaped Fridge Magnet

Doctor Who Tardis Shaped Fridge Magnet

Now Doctor Who can help you hold notes on your fridge or just make it look more cool.

This Tardis magnet is great for almost any metal surface and really brings the Doctor to your home, school or office.
Just imagine this fun magnet on your fridge at home or you locket at school and maybe even your filing cabinet at work.

And yes it will hold notes and yes it is die cut so it’s not a boring square magnet.

The Doctor Who magnet is made from a heavy vinyl with a full magnetic back to keep nice and flat on a metal surface.

Come take a closer look at this Doctor Who Tardis Shaped Magnet.

buy Tardis Door Sign Magnet

Tardis Door Sign Magnet

Tardis Door Sign Magnet

Always wondered what it says on the famous Tardis door sign?

OK this Doctor Who magnet will tell you.








There you have it the full text of the door sign of the Tardis. Make me wonder if it’s free to use the Tardis to.

So this is a big 8.5 x 11 inch magnet of the sign on the Tardis complete with a Tardis blue border.
I can just imagine how amazing this magnet would look on my fridge.

And this Tardis magnet is an officially licensed Doctor Who product so you are sure it’s the one the Doctor has on the Tardis.

Don’t hesitate get your own Doctor Who Tardis Sign Magnet.