buy Light Blue Tardis Wrapping Paper

Light Blue Tardis Wrapping Paper

If you are looking for the perfect way to wrap your present for a Doctor Who fan then look no further as we found this unique gift wrap set.

This officially licensed set includes two sheets of wrapping paper and two Tardis gift tags.

The wrapping paper sheets are about 50 x 70 cm and are light blue with a pattern of the Tardis on it. And the gift tags are die cut in the shape of the tardis and come with a little ribbon to make it easy to attach to the present.

Any Doctor Who fan will love a present wrapped in this but will be sad to damage it when opening the present.

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buy Doctor Who Gift Tags

Doctor Who Gift Tags

Doctor Who Gift Tags for Christmas

We already showed you Doctor Who Christmas wrapping paper but a Doctor Who present also needs a gift tag.

Now there is the perfect Doctor Who gift tag for you holiday presents.

The gift tag is light blue with snow in the air and 11 Doctors around the Tardis with snow on the ground and K-9 to keep them company.
And then it of course has the the “to:” and “from:” and the text “Happy WHO-lidays!”.

And because you have more then 1 present to give the gift tag comes in a pack of 10 so plenty to go around and each has a blue ribbon to attach it to the presents.

Come and start wrapping the presents and marking them with these Doctor Who Holiday Gift Tags.