buy 10th And 11th Doctor Cardboard Poster

10th And 11th Doctor Cardboard Poster

Of course you have seen the 50th anniversary episode from Doctor Who and if you did then you have seen the 10th and 11th Doctor Who together just like on this cardboard cutout poster.

This freestanding poster has a easel so that it can stand any where you want and as it is life-size you can feel that you are together with two versions of the Doctor.

The standee shows the 11th Doctor standing in front of the the 10th Doctor and there is an active Sonic Screwdriver to.

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buy Adipose And The 10th Doctor Action Figure

Adipose And The 10th Doctor Action Figure

As Doctor Who fan you of course remember the episode with the Adipose and now you can replay that episode with this action figure set.

In the set you will find a 5 inch tall 10th Doctor figure that can move things like his arms and more and to make this set so much more fun they added Adipose to them so with the Doctor and the Adipose you are ready to recreate the famous episode.

Of course this 10th Doctor action figure also belongs in your collection and some Adipose are always fun to own.

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buy 10th Doctor Regeneration Figurine

10th Doctor Regeneration Figurine

Now you can own your little Doctor Who that will bring light to the dark.

This Doctor Who figurine glows in the dark and looks like the 10th Doctor just after his regeneration as he still is wearing the 9th Doctor’s clothing so he is all in black but still holding on to his Sonic Screwdriver.

This  3 3/4 inch figurine is part of the Pop! Vinyl series from Funko and this figure is really exclusive so not likely going to be found in store and that of course makes it even more special then other figurines of Doctor Who.

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buy Rose And The 10th Doctor Travel Pass Holder

Rose And The 10th Doctor Travel Pass Holder

We all have those card that you use a lot and just don’t belong in you wallet and for those card they made this Doctor Who pass holder.

Inside you can store things like your buss ticket, travel card, school ID or maybe your credit card.

And this travel pass holder is white and shows a black and white image of the 10th Doctor and Rose on a scooter.

If Rose Tyler and the 10th Doctor Who are your favourites then this pass holder could be perfect for you.

And sure it’s not a replacement for your wallet but I am sure you are going to use it a lot more then you may think.

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buy Sonic Screwdriver Dress

Sonic Screwdriver Dress

This Doctor Who dress is a little bit confusing to me.

The dress looks like the costume the 10th Doctor wears with a dark brown pin stripe front and a lighter brown outer shell that looks like the coat the Doctor wears but then if you look closely you can see that the brown is covered in images of the Sonic Screwdriver used by the 11th and 12th Doctor.

It’s like a regeneration dress that is switching from the 10th to the 11th Doctor Who.

You can get this Doctor Who dress in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 3XL and it’s made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

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buy 10th Doctor Body Pillow

10th Doctor Body Pillow

This Doctor Who pillow will make sleeping easier.

It’s a body pillow with the 10th Doctor on it and the Tardis. Yes now you can cuddle with the Doctor as much as you want and he will be there to protect your from bad dreams.

The pillow has a two Doctors design and is 20 x 40 inch and just an amazing product to own if you are a true fan of the Doctor.

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buy 10th Doctor Costume Hoodie

10th Doctor Costume Hoodie

This zip up hoodie is what every Doctor Who fan needs specially the once that like the 10th Doctor best.

The Doctor Who hoodie looks like his overcoat and you can see his vest and tie under it BUT when you open the buttons then his vest appears (click on the picture to see it) and there is also where you find the zipper.

Of course that makes this Doctor Who hoodie better at keeping the wind out and and even more fun item to own.

You can get this Doctor Who costume hoodie in adult sizes Small – 3XL and yes men and women will love to have one.

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buy 10th Doctor Who Pocket Pop Key Chain

10th Doctor Who Pocket Pop Key Chain

If you would like to take Doctor Who with you where ever you go then this key chain could be perfect for you.

This Pocket Pop! key chain is made by Funko and looks just like the 10th Doctor. The details of the 10th Doctor Who are pretty good, look at his hair and clothes and you know that it is the 10th Doctor and he even brought his Sonic Screwdriver.

At 1 1/2 inch this Doctor Who key chain is just the perfect size to live with you keys but it is also great to have the Doctor dangle on things like a backpack or jacket.

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buy 4 Doctor’s Shower Curtain

4 Doctor’s Shower Curtain

Doctor Who 4 Doctor's Shower Curtain

If you want your bathroom to have a Doctor Who theme then you have to come buy this Doctor Who shower curtain.

This shower curtain shows 4 Doctors, in the background you can find Doctor’s 9, 10 and 11 and in front of all of them you find the 12th Doctor and he is pointing at you.

Just imagine taking a shower while 4 Doctors are there to make sure nothing bad will happen to you. No Cyberman, Dalek or Weeping Angel would ever dare to enter you bathroom when there are 4 generations of Doctor Who there.

So why not make you bathroom look amazing with this Doctor Who 4 Doctor’s Shower Curtain.

buy 10th Doctor Comic Cover T-Shirt

10th Doctor Comic Cover T-Shirt

This heather grey Doctor Who t-shirt shows the cover of Doctor Who comic number 6.

In the back ground you can see a Weeping Angel not watching over the scene as it blocks it’s eyes and all the way in the front you can see the 10th Doctor and in the middle you can see biplanes and soldiers.

The design by Tommy Lee Edwards really makes this an unique t-shirt.

You can get this Doctor Who t-shirt in men’s sizes XSmall – 2XL and yes ladies it will fit you to.

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