buy Tardis Commuter Bag

Tardis Commuter Bag

Doctor Who Tardis Commuter Bag

We all deserve a great looking quality bag for everyday use.

This Doctor Who commuter bag is perfect for work, school and travel.
The bag is made in the USA by Rickshaw and it’s not a cheap bag but a quality product that will last years.

The black bag has a big flap that has the top of the Tardis doors printed on it. The windows and the “Police Public Call Box” sign are both there.
And inside the Doctor Who bag offers 2 large front pockets and a back organizer pocket. And the bag has room for a a laptop to.
It can hold a laptop unto 15 inch and there is a sleeve included to protect it from harm.

And because you want to use this bag everyday of course it needs to be able to withstand the elements and that is why the Tardis bag is water resistant.

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of a messenger / commuter style bag then you found it.

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