buy Doctor Who Logo Hoodie

Doctor Who Logo Hoodie

Doctor Who Logo Hoodie

We don’t want to get cold while watching episodes of the Doctor and that means a nice hoodie would keep you warm.

Now there is this hoodie with the Doctor Who logo on it.

The hoodie is black and has the famous DW logo that looks a bit like the Tardis on it and it even has the words “Doctor Who” on it to.

This Doctor Who hoodie will make people look at you and then they are gone ask you where you can buy one.

And lucky for all those people this Doctor Who logo hoodie is available in a wide selection of sizes from Medium to 3X-Large.

So get warm and ready for the Doctor in this Doctor Who Logo Hoodie.

buy My Other Ride Is The Tardis Key Chain

My Other Ride Is The Tardis Key Chain

Doctor Who My Other Ride Is The Tardis Key Chain

This is the key chain Doctor Who should have.

It says “My other ride is the Tardis” and has a cute little picture of the Tardis on it to.

And this is not a cheap plastic key chain no this one is made from tarnish-free aluminum and that makes it nice looking durable and strong. And the print is not printed on the Doctor Who key chain no it is hand stamped into the metal.

So now you know that this Tardis key chain is unique and special and that makes it a perfect gift for any fan of the Doctor or of course for yourself.

Does your ride have a key chain? If not then come get your own Doctor Who Tardis Key Chain.

buy Samsung Galaxy S3 Tardis Case

Samsung Galaxy S3 Tardis Case

Doctor Who Samsung Galaxy S3 Tardis Case

Do you have a phone that does not look like the Tardis police box?

No worries we can fix that with a nice case.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S3 then you can look at this case that looks just like the Tardis so now you will always carry a bit of the Doctor with you and Doctor Who will protect your phone as a favor to you.

The Tardis case is made by Case-Mate who are famous for there quality cases.
This Tardis Samsung case has a hard shell that fits perfectly on your phone and it has a shock absorbing liner to make sure you phone will be in perfect shape.

Come and have a better look at this Doctor Who Samsung Galaxy S3 Tardis Case.

buy Tardis Door Sticker / Poster

Tardis Door Sticker / Poster

Now your room can become part of the Tardis of Doctor Who.

This door sticker makes any door into the Tardis.

Yes you can now make the room to your bedroom, study, living room or maybe the office look like the Tardis.

If you want to make you room look bigger on the inside then you really need this Doctor Who Tardis door poster.

The poster is easy to attach as it has a sticky back and if you ever get bored of it then you can even remove it easily to.

Of course you con’t have to limit yourself to a door. You can use this Tardis poster on all kind of surfaces as long as they are flat.

Get your Tardis Door Sticker / Poster

buy Tardis Luggage Tag

Tardis Luggage Tag

Tardis Luggage Tag

When ever you travel you really hope you don’t loose your luggage.

And to make sure you luggage gets found the now have this Doctor Who luggage tag.

This luggage tag looks just like the Tardis and both sides of the tag look the same.
But you can personalize it with your information on one or both sides so that other travellers can see where to find you.

The Tardis luggage tag is made from durable acrylic and is waterproof and UV protected so that it will last on your trips.

This Doctor Who Tardis luggage tag is great for suitcases, backpack, handbags or maybe even the dog.

Start planning your next trip and start by getting your Doctor Who Tardis Luggage Tag.

buy Doctor Who Tardis Belt

Doctor Who Tardis Belt

Doctor Who Tardis collage bent

Are you that Doctor Who fan without a belt?

If so then you have to see this Tardis belt.

The belt has a Tadis collage on so now a true Doctor Who fan has an easy way to keep their pants up.

This Doctor Who belt 1.5″ wide and the waist is adjustable between 27 and 45 inch.
And this Tardis belt has a metal buckle with the Tardis logo on it.

It all looks a bit like a seatbelt and that of course is a way more fun look then a boring leather belt.

If you need a belt for your trip through time and space then you should check out this Doctor Who Tardis Collage Belt.

buy Tardis Cup With Straw

Tardis Cup With Straw

Doctor Who Tardis travel Cup With Straw

If you travel a lot between time and space then you know that you will get thirsty and for that reason there now is this Doctor Who travel cup with straw.

Of course to make the Doctor feel at home they made this cup Tardis blue and even has the print on it to make it look like a police box.

This acrylic cup can hold up to 18 ounce of liquid and unfortunately it is not bigger on the inside.
The Doctor Who Tardis cup is acrylic and BPA free and is double walled to prevent condensation and to keep your drink on the right temperature just a little bit longer.

So if you are looking for a nice glass to travel with then you are in luck. This Tardis glass is not made from glass so will not break that easy and keeps better to.

Get thirsty and enjoy a drink out of this Doctor Who Tardis Cup With Straw.

buy Tardis Union Jack Dress

Tardis Union Jack Dress

Doctor Who Tardis Union Jack Dress

Doctor Who fans looking for the perfect dress to wear are in luck as this Tardis dress will make people understand you a little bit better.

The dress has the Union Jack flag as background for the front and the back making it look like you are wearing the flag of England but then there is a blue box on the front that we all know and love as the Tardis from the Doctor.

The Tardis takes up most space of the front and really comes out nicely.

The Tardis dress does not have any sleeves making it the perfect dress for summer.
You can get this Doctor Who dress in sizes X-Small to X-Large.

So if you are wanting a new Doctor Who item in your closet then you to see this Tardis Union Jack Dress.

Tardis And Doctor Who iPhone And iPod Touch Case


10th Doctor and the Tardis in the mist as iPhone 5 case

It does not really matter what kind of iPhone or iPod Touch you have because this Doctor Who case is available for many models.

See the Tardis and the 10th Doctor in the mist all on this amazing phone case.

The phone case is made from hard plastic and has the graphics printed in the case not just put on top and that means that it can’t rub off.

The scene shows a thick grey fog and in there you can see the nice blue Tardis standing strong and in front of the door there is Doctor Who to be more precise it is David Tennant as the 10th Doctor.

And you can get this amazing case for the following devices:

  • iPod Touch 4e Generation
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G

So it does not matter if you have a nice new iPhone 5 or an old iPhone 3G this Doctor Who case will work perfect and of course as any good case this Doctor Who iPhone case will leave all the buttons and ports available for your use.

Come and have a closer look at this Tardis And Doctor Who In The Mist iPhone Case.

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Tardis Earrings


2 pairs of Dr. Who Tardis earrings

Did you always wanted some Doctor Who earrings?

If so then you are in luck because now you can get this set of two pairs of Tardis earrings.

Jewelry needs to be special and if you are a true fan of the Doctor then these earrings are special.

The first set of earrings just show the Tardis in a cloud of smoke and he other pair has a black background and shows the Tardis and below that it says “You never forget your first Doctor”.

The Doctor Who earrings have a diameter of 1 inch making them the perfect size to be there but are also not to much of a show off.

If you want to surprise your special Doctor fan or just yourself then you have to see these Doctor Who Tardis Earrings.

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