buy Tardis Skirt With Suspenders

Tardis Skirt With Suspenders

Now Doctor Who fans can be wearing this Tardis Skirt With Suspenders.

The women’s skirt is Tardis blue and has two pockets for your Sonic Screwdriver or something else you need to have to take everywhere you go. And then on the skirt, it shows a picture of the Tardis and below it, you find the text “Brilliant!” just like we have heard the 13th Doctor say lots of times and there are yellow suspenders on the Doctor Who skirt to just like the first female Doctor Who wears.

The skirt is made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex and comes in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 3XL and to make it fit even more perfect the suspenders are adjustable in size.

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buy Plaid Doctor Who Skirt

Plaid Doctor Who Skirt

If you are a Doctor Who fan that wants a nice skirt that is a true Doctor Who skirt but one that is not so obvious to the people that are not Doctor Who fans.

The Doctor Who skirt is white and has a blue plaid design.

The skirt does not really look like Doctor Who from a distance but if you click on the picture you can see that it says “Police Public Call Box” just like the top sign on the Tardis and even that text is not to obvious. And to make it a true Doctor Who skirt they added an embroidered Tardis on it that has a Union Jack flag design.

You can get this amazing Doctor Who skirt in many women’s sizes so come check it out.

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buy Doctor Who Toile Pattern Circle Skirt

Doctor Who Toile Pattern Circle Skirt

Now you can have a Doctor Who skirt with at toile style design.

The white women’s skirt is covered in blue images of the Tardis, Dalek and Cybermen witch makes this a great skirt for the true fans of the Doctor.

And as this Doctor Who circle skirt does not scream Doctor Who it still look nice an classy so that you can wear it to work or a little more formal event.

You can get this Doctor Who skirt in women’s sizes Small – 5XL and it does have a little bit of a stretch for that perfect fit you prefer.

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buy Tardis Pencil Skirt

Tardis Pencil Skirt

This Doctor Who skirt is mainly black but in the corner you can see a drawing of the Tardis and it has it’s door open.

The design of the Tardis on the skirt really works well as it looks amazing without making it to busy looking. You can find the same police box design on both the front and the back of this women’s skirt.

You can get this Tardis skirt in women’s sizes XXSmall – 2XL and it has a stretch waistband and is made from 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane.

A pencil skirt like this is great for everyday wear as it looks stunning and even if you don’t like Doctor Who then this is still an amazing looking skirt.

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buy Tardis And Union Jack Skirt

Tardis And Union Jack Skirt

Doctor Who Tardis And Union Jack Skirt

Shows some legs and that you are a fan of Doctor Who with this Tardis and Union Jack skirt.

This white Doctor Who skirt is covered in towns on pictures one of the Tardis and the one of the Union Jack flag and then one of the Tardis again (I guess you get the picture)

This fun skirt comes in all kind of sizes from Small – 2Xl and women all over the globe are gone want one so why wait till they have one when you can have one much sooner then them.

Support the Doctor by wearing hits Doctor Who Tardis And Union Jack Skirt.

buy Tardis Lineup Skirt

Tardis Lineup Skirt

Do you have a Doctor Who skirt yet?

Now there is a fun Tardis skirt that has rows and rows of pictures of the Tardis and they come in all kind of blue.
And those pictures are placed on a white background.

This Doctor Who Tardis skirt comes in sizes X-Small – 3XL and the skirt is 17 1/2 inch long and it is made in the USA.

Just imagine a Doctor Who companion like Amy Pond wearing a nice skirt like this one.

This Tardis skirt is great for any day of the week. The Doctor Who skirt is great for work and just casual.

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buy Van Gogh Tardis Skirt

Van Gogh Tardis Skirt

Doctor Who Van Gogh Tardis Skirt

Skirts are nice to wear specially when they are designed as a Doctor Who item.

This skirt shows an exploding Tardis just like we know from the Vincent van Gogh episode.

This Doctor Who contour skirt is completely covered with this scene so the Tardis skirt looks like a painting a real piece of art and of course including the Tardis from the Doctor.

The skirt is 16 1/2 inch long and it comes in a wide range of women’s sizes from X-Small to 2X-Large.

A skirt like this can be worn on all kind of occasions from a night out of town to school and work or just for around the house.

Come and have a closer look at this Doctor Who Van Gogh Tardis Skirt.