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Flying Tardis Headband

If you are a Doctor Who fan that likes to have a good hair day then you should start by wearing this flying Tardis headband.

The headband is flat on the front part with a nice bow and the back is elastic so that it stays on your head neatly.

The design shows many flying Tardis images and it all looks pretty neat.

Now you can have the Tardis in your hair where ever you like to go or just as part of you cosplay or Halloween costume.

You can never have enough hair accessories so if you are a true fan of the Doctor then you need to have this.

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buy Damask Tardis Hair Bow

Damask Tardis Hair Bow

If your hair is long enough to wear a hair clip then maybe this is your opportunity to go Doctor Who on your hair.

This hair bow looks like a bow tie just like the 11th Doctor would wear but it’s blue and has a damask print on it and also the Tardis and all this print is done in a lighter blue color then the background.

So now your hair can have a detail of Doctor Who in it without it to be to obevious.

The Doctor Who hair bow measures 5 inch across making it the perfect size for your hair.

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Doctor Who Tardis Hair Bows

Want some fun bows in your hair?

How about Doctor Who themed bow ties that look like the Tardis?

These fun bow tie shaped hair bows are Tardis blue and you can see the white windows on them and a part of the sign that says “Police public call box”.

Now you hair can look even more fun and you can wear these Tardis bows any day of the week or as part of your Tardis costume.

No more dull and plain hair for you as your can look like it’s part of the Tardis of the Doctor.

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