buy Gallifrey Water Bottle

Gallifrey Water Bottle

Now there is this Gallifrey Water Bottle that maybe is used by Doctor Who.

The water bottle is teal on the outside and the inside is stainless steel and the 18oz bottle has a nice wide opening for easy filling and for instance adding ice cubes.

On the outside you can find an line drawing of the Tardis and above the police box it says “I went to Gallifrey and all I got was this Canteen”.

Maybe his bottle is not easily understood by people that do not know the Doctor and that makes this water bottle so much more special as only true fans like you will understand it.

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buy Gallifrey London Subway Sign Poster

Gallifrey London Subway Sign Poster

This poster is for the true Doctor Who fan as it does not show the Doctor or the Tardis just a plain white piece of paper with the logo of the London underground with the stations name on it and that station is Gallifrey.

Of course we know that the subway does not reach to the planet of the Doctor but still it is pretty cool to see the famous underground logo of the red circle and the blue banner with on the banner “Gallifrey”.

This Doctor Who poster is special and that is why it comes in different sizes and even framed if you you would like that.

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buy Gallifrey Watch

Gallifrey Watch

If you are wonder what time it is then maybe the Doctor can help with this special Doctor Who wrist watch.

This wrist watch has a square watch with a brown strap and on the watch and strap you can find many symbols from Gallifrey and that of course makes this the watch you want as only a true fan of Doctor Who really understand the watch.

And this Doctor Who watch comes in a nice storage tin to keep it in great condition while not in use and the tin also has the Doctor Who logo and the words “Doctor Who ” on it.

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buy Gallifreyan Tardis Lounge Pants

Gallifreyan Tardis Lounge Pants

Gallifreyan Tardis Lounge Pants

Pajama pants are great for lounging around the house but if you want to go just a little bit more formal then you can get some “real” lounge pants.

These black Doctor Who lounge pants have two pockets and on the top you can find the Tardis in front of some Gallifrey words and below all that it simply says “Doctor Who”.

You can get this Doctor Who Tardis lounge pants in sizes XSmall – 2XL so that many true Doctor Who fans can enjoy these comfortable pants.

Now you can even thinking about wearing these lounge pants outside and show the world that the Doctor is real.

Come and take a closer look at these amazing looking Doctor Who Gallifreyan Tardis Lounge Pants.

buy Doctor Who Gallifrey Symbols Blanket

Doctor Who Gallifrey Symbols Blanket

Doctor Who Gallifrey Symbols Blanket

Just enjoy the warmth of this Doctor Who blanket next time you watch the Doctor on TV.

This 50 x 60 inch blanket is black with what i think is the galaxy in the background and then in the top corner you can see the Doctor Who logo and the rest of the blanket is filled with bit Gallifreyan symbols.

It’s a great looking blanket that just needs a good home that gives is plenty of hugs and cuddles and it will keep you safe when TV gets to scary.

A true Doctor Who fan of course will love this blanket.

So don’t wait any longer just come get your Doctor Who Gallifrey Symbols Blanket.

buy Gallifrey Stands T-Shirt

Gallifrey Stands T-Shirt

Dr. Who Gallifrey Stands T-Shirt

This t-shirt maybe a bit different then you see most time.

It’s a black Doctor Who t-shirt  with in the middle a yellow planet with on it the words “Gallifrey Stands” and the planet is surrounded by 13 Tardises does that mean that 13 time lords came to the rescue?

Either way I know that some will love this Doctor Who t-shirt and some will not like it at all. But if you do like it then it is good to know that this Gallifrey t-shirt comes in sizes Small – 3XL and is made from 100% cotton.

Why don’t you have a closer look at this Doctor Who Gallifrey Stands T-Shirt.

buy Gallifrey Falls No More Women’s T-Shirt

Gallifrey Falls No More Women’s T-Shirt

Dr. Who Gallifrey Falls No More Women's T-Shirt

This women’s Doctor Who t-shirt is blue and in white you can see in big letters “GALLIFREY” the home planet of the Doctor and then below it a bit Gallifrey symbol and around that the text “Falls No More”.

This Gallifrey t-shirt is great and many people that hurt about the Doctor will still not get it and that makes it extra cool.

And this Doctor Who t-shirt comes in sizes Small – X-Large and that is a slim fit. And yes this Doctor Who t-shirt is made from 100% Gaffrey cotton.

So if blue is you color and you would like to tell the world about Gallifrey then just get this Doctor Who Gallifrey Falls No More Women’s T-Shirt.

buy Tardis And Gallifrey Symbols Boxer Briefs

Tardis And Gallifrey Symbols Boxer Briefs

What kind of underwear does the Doctor wear?

I am sure that he would like these Doctor Who boxer briefs.

These boxers shorts are blue and have Gallifrey symbols in the background and on that pictures of the Tardis.
And then there is a black waste band with the words “Doctor Who” and the Doctor Who logo on it.

These Tardis boxer briefs are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex and come in sizes Small – XLarge.

A Doctor Who fan of course would want to have Doctor Who underwear and these boxers are perfect as the have the logo and the Tardis on it.

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buy Doctor Who Tardis Locket Necklace

Doctor Who Tardis Locket Necklace

Doctor Who Tardis Locket Necklace


Now you as Doctor Who fan can have a amazing looking locket necklace.

The necklace is 22 inch long and has a lobster clasp and on that necklace there is a special locket.
The locket shows the Tardis on the outside and on the inside you find the text “Keep Calm And Call The Doctor” on one side and a Gallifrey symbol on the other. And the Doctor Who locket closes with a magnet.

This piece of Whovian jewellery is fun and will look stunning on you.

Now you will know what to do when you are in trouble and you can have it around you neck all the time.
Lets check out this special Doctor Who Tardis Locket Necklace.

buy Gallifrey Falls No More Sweater

Gallifrey Falls No More Sweater

Gallifrey Falls No More Sweater

The planet of Doctor Who Gallifrey has been through all kinds of wars and trouble but now finally it seems to be safe.

And to celebrate that there is now this nice women’s pullover.
The sweater is black and has in gold distressed letters the text “Gallifrey fall no more”.

This Doctor Who sweater is made from a cotton fleece blend and comes in sizes XS – 3XL and the girl on the picture wears the medium one as she doesn’t like it to be to fitted on her.

This Gallifrey sweater is great and is not a clear Doctor Who sweater to most people and still it clearly is one.

Get ready for a cold day and then get comfortable in this Doctor Who Gallifrey Falls No More Sweater.