buy 5 Piece Doctor Who Earrings Set

5 Piece Doctor Who Earrings Set

Now you can get this Doctor Who Earrings Set that includes 5 different pairs of earrings.

If you are a Doctor Who fan that likes fun jewelry then you are in luck as now you can switch your earrings 5 times a week to have a different pair for in your ears.

You can find things like the Tardis, Who, crystals and more and each pair will just look fun in your ears and if you like to be different then you can even choose to wear a different earring in each ear.

So if you are a true fan of the Doctor then come get your new earrings.

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buy Tardis Cuff Earrings

Tardis Cuff Earrings

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of earrings then these Tardis earrings would be just perfect for you.

These earrings are different then just a stud earring but that is where it all starts a Tardis studded earring from where 3 chains go up to the side of the ear where a cuff sits on your ear.

So when wearing these Tardis earrings some chains will move around and that makes them extra fun to look at even though it may not be to obvious for people that these are special Doctor Who earrings.

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buy Union Jack And Tardis Earrings

Union Jack And Tardis Earrings

If you like Doctor Who and Great Britain then this pair of earrings is just what you need.

The earrings are about 2 inch long and have the Union Jack flag on top with just below it the blue Police Box from the Doctor.

This officially licensed Doctor Who jewelry is just fun to have hanging in your ears so that you get reminded about the Doctor and all it’s adventures and wearing these Tardis earrings will make others notice that you like Doctor Who.

You new Doctor Who Tardis earrings come on a BBC card so that you know you are getting the real stuff.

Get your Union Jack And Tardis Earrings

buy Red Dalek Earrings

Red Dalek Earrings

Doctor Who 3D Red Dalek Earrings

Now your ears can have Dalek on them.

These 3D stud earrings show a red Dalek and that will look really neat in your ears.

These special Doctor Who earrings are the perfect way to decorate your ears and it will be something not many people have and that makes this real special jewelry.

Each Dalek is about 1/2 inch tall witch is the perfect size for many peoples ears.

So if you are a Doctor Who fan in need of some special Dalek jewelry then you just have to take a closer look at these Doctor Who 3D Red Dalek Earrings.

buy Doctor Who Tardis Burnished Gold Earrings

Doctor Who Tardis Burnished Gold Earrings

I think Clara needs some nice earrings and maybe these Tardis earrings would be perfect for her.

Of course any Doctor Who fan can get these burnished gold earrings and just look special.

These are charm earrings so they will nicely dangle on your ears and every time you feel them move you can think about the Doctor and hope that one day you can be the companion.

A Doctor Who fan of course would like to have a special pair of earrings in their jewelry box and I think that these earrings would be great.

Get your Doctor Who Tardis Burnished Gold Earrings

buy Fez And Bow Tie Earrings

Fez And Bow Tie Earrings

Doctor Who Fez And Bow Tie Earrings

If the 11th Doctor is your Doctor then you gone love these earrings.

These Doctor Who earrings have a red fez and a red bow tie on it. And they are nicely dangling down when you wear them.

The hooks of these earrings are made from stainless steel and the fez and bow tie are a flat plastic and that keeps the light and easy to wear.

Now you ears can have the Doctor Who jewelry they deserve. These fez and bow tie earrings are so cute that you just want to wear them everyday of the week.

Come and check out these Doctor Who Fez And Bow Tie Earrings.

buy Tardis Earrings

Tardis Earrings

Dr. Who Tardis Earrings

Are you in need of some Doctor Who earrings?

We found these fun Tardis earrings. The are dangle earrings with a 3D looking Tardis. The Tardis is a flat piece of light plastic like material that looks nice and is light on your ears.

Now you can have the Tardis close all the time as it’s hanging on your ears. Just imagine that this is the real Tardis with the Doctor inside whispering you in your ears when ever you need him.

These Doctor Who Tardis earrings make a great gift for a fan or a present for yourself.

Don’t hesitate get the Tardis in your ears with these Doctor Who Tardis Earrings.

buy Sonic Screwdriver Earrings

Sonic Screwdriver Earrings

11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Earrings

If you like the 11th Doctor and his Sonic Screwdriver then you have to take a closer look at these Doctor Who earrings.

These earrings are small Sonic Screwdrivers just like the once the 11th Doctor uses.

These earrings are about 2 inch long and the Sonic Screwdrivers are 3/4 inch long. They hang on you ear with an French hook that also has some rubber stoppers to keep it in place.

And these Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver earrings are made from 316L grade surgical stainless steel.

If you are looking for a special gift for a special friend the how about some Doctor Who jewelry.

You have to come see these amazing Doctor Who 11th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver Earrings.

buy Bow Tie Earrings

Bow Tie Earrings

Doctor Who bow ties are cool earrings

If you like the 11th Doctor then you know that bow ties are cool and that means that you need these earrings because they are bow ties and that means that they are cool.

How cool would it be to have earrings that look like little bow ties?

Yes it would be pretty cool and now you can have bow tie earrings.

These Doctor Who bow tie earrings are gold colored and are stud earrings. And because they are gold colored they basically go with anything you wear. So these Doctor Who jewelry can be word with any outfit.

And to make this even more fun these cool bow ties are shipped for FREE to anywhere in the world.

Come and check out these cool Doctor Who Bow Tie Earrings.

buy Weeping Angel Earrings

Weeping Angel Earrings

Doctor Who Weeping Angels Earrings

Doctor Who earrings are fun to wear but now there are Weeping Angel earrings and that makes me wonder what happens when nobody watches them?

Maybe you have to wear a t-shirt  that says “Don’t Blink”  on it when you wear these Weeping Angel earrings.

These are grey die-cast stud earrings that look like the famous Weeping Angel from the Doctor Who TV series.

Not only is this a special piece of jewelry it will also be super fun to wear as many people don’t know what it means to have these angels in your ears.

Don’t wait come and get your own pair of Doctor Who Weeping Angel Earrings.