buy 11th Doctor Costume Dress

11th Doctor Costume Dress

Dr. Who 11th Doctor Costume Dress

Now you have dress up like the Doctor.

This a-line style dress makes you look just like the 11th Doctor.

This 100% cotton dress has everything a Doctor Who fan can expect from a dress.

The skirt part is black and above that there you can find a bow tie, suspenders and even a tweet jacket to make it all look just like the 11th Doctor. I would just love to see Matt Smith wear this dress.

This Doctor Who costume dress comes in sizes XS – 3XL and will  be a hit all year long.

This 11th Doctor costume dress can be worn to school, work, parties and even at Halloween.

Come and have better look at this amazing Doctor Who 11th Doctor Costume Dress.

buy Gold Dalek Dress

Gold Dalek Dress

Are you always the good girl but want to know how it feels to be the bad one?

Now you can become Doctor Who’s enemy number one a Dalek.
This Dalek dress makes you look really great and still be one of the Doctor’s enemies.

This gold Dalek dress has an a-line style and of course has all the details you can expect on a Dalek.

Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex this Dalek gold dress will feel great and fit like it should.
You can get this Doctor Who Dalek dress in sizes Small – 3XL and all look stunning.

Get your Gold Dalek Dress

buy Black Dalek Tank Dress

Black Dalek Tank Dress

Are you looking for a fun Dalek dress?

This one is black and has a tank top style.

Doctor Who will be scared when he see you wearing this Dalek dress. The dress is black with yellow and grey details.
The dress even has the word “EXTERMINATE” on the back just to scare away some people.

This Doctor Who dress is made from 94% cotton and 6% spandex and is a fitted tank dress.
You can get this black Dalek dress in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

A dress like this is great for everyday but can also be worn on special occasions like a Doctor Who party or maybe Halloween.

Get your Black Dalek Tank Dress

buy Tardis Summer Dress

Tardis Summer Dress

Shop Doctor Who for Tardis dresses and more

Are you looking for a fun Tardis dress that could work as an Halloween costume and a walk in town?

This Doctor Who dress will be perfect as it is clearly the Tardis but also just a nice summery dress.

The dress is Tardis blue and the top has a low cut neck and back and is plain blue. Around the waist it has the typical Tardis text “Police Public Call Box” in dark blue and below that on the skirt part there are the famous doors of the Tardis.
And sure the back has the waistband and Tardis doors to making you the Tardis.

And it doesn’t matter what size of Tardis you are as this dress comes in sizes X-Small to XL.

For sure a Doctor Who fan will wear a nice dress like as everyday wear and if you want to look like the Tardis for Halloween then this dress is an option to.

Either way you just have to take a closer look at this Doctor Who Tardis Dress.

buy Tardis Costume Dress

Tardis Costume Dress

Doctor Who Tardis Halloween Costume Dress

Do you want to be the Tardis from Doctor Who?

Now you can as this halloween costume makes you look exactly like the Tardis.
The Tardis halloween costume has a big blue bottom part that looks like the blue doors complete with the famous message on the left and the St. John Ambulance logo on the right above that the banner that says “Police Public Call Box” and above that white panels with blue stripes that makes it look like there is light coming true the Tardis windows.

This Doctor Who halloween costume comes in sizes Small – X-Large and does not include the stockings and boots.

If you ever wanted to be part of the Doctor’s life then now you can as you can be his Tardis.

Come and have a closer and better look at this Doctor Who Tardis Halloween Costume Dress.

buy Blue Dalek Dress

Blue Dalek Dress

Are you sick of waiting for the Doctor to come get you to be the his next travel companion?

If you are then maybe you can become a sexy Dalek instead and show the Doctor what he missed out on.

This is a blue Dalek dress witch is a great dress for everyday or as a costume.

The dress is Dalek blue and has black details to make it look just like a real Dalek. On the back it even says “EXTERMINATE” on it.

You can wear this dress also as a costume for Halloween or any other occasion and if you have a Doctor Who friend that wants to join then they can wear a Red Dalek Dress.

This Dalek costume dress comes in sizes Small – X-Large and will be a hit at any Doctor Who party.

Get your Blue Dalek Dress

buy Tardis Dress

Tardis Dress

Doctor Who Tardis costume dress

The Doctor would be nowhere without his trusted Tardis so if you want to be the Doctor’s next companion then maybe you should dress like you are the Tardis.

This fun sleeve less Tardis dress will make you be the perfect companion for Doctor Who.

The Doctor Who dress is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex and is available in sizes Small – 3X-Large.

The nice blue dress has a print on the front that makes it look just like the Tardis and that makes it perfect for everyday where or for a costume party.

Become the Tardis by just wearing this Doctor Who Tardis Dress.

buy Red Dalek Dress

Red Dalek Dress

Fans of the enemies of Doctor Who are gone be happy with this dress.

The dress looks like a red Dalek and that of course is great to bug those annoying Tardis fans.

If you are looking for an nice everyday summery dress or a costume for Halloween or maybe comic convention then you are in luck. This tank top style dress makes you look like a red Dalek without having to more then just putting it on.

The front and back are just like a red Dalek complete with the spots and on the back it even says “exterminate”.

The Doctor Who dress is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex so that it feels and looks great on you.

Get your Red Dalek Dress

buy Tardis Union Jack Dress

Tardis Union Jack Dress

Doctor Who Tardis Union Jack Dress

Doctor Who fans looking for the perfect dress to wear are in luck as this Tardis dress will make people understand you a little bit better.

The dress has the Union Jack flag as background for the front and the back making it look like you are wearing the flag of England but then there is a blue box on the front that we all know and love as the Tardis from the Doctor.

The Tardis takes up most space of the front and really comes out nicely.

The Tardis dress does not have any sleeves making it the perfect dress for summer.
You can get this Doctor Who dress in sizes X-Small to X-Large.

So if you are wanting a new Doctor Who item in your closet then you to see this Tardis Union Jack Dress.