buy Doctor Who 2016 Day Planner

Doctor Who 2016 Day Planner

Sure many people now use their phones to plan their appointments, homework and other events but if you like paper then this Doctor Who diary for 2016 could be perfect for you.

The 2016 day planner is all about season 8 of Doctor Who with many photo’s of the 12th Doctor, Clara Oswald and of course Missy to.

There is a nice weekly spread in this diary and photo’s are everywhere. And don’t worry all the holidays are already filled out for you so that you know when you don’t need to use the planner as you have time to relax and watch Doctor Who reruns.

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buy Doctor Who 2015 Day Planner

Doctor Who 2015 Day Planner

Doctor Who 2015 week Planner

We all like to write things down even though we go more digital every day.

But if you are a Doctor Who fan then you are gone love this 2015 diary.

Plan you weeks in the grid and read up on info about the Doctor and yes there are great Doctor Who photo’s in here to because otherwise it would be just like any other day planner.

As you can see on the cover Doctor’s 11 and 12 will be there and so will Clara but I promise you all the Doctors will be there even the War Doctor.

If you want to see and read mores about it then come see this Doctor Who 2015 Day Planner.

buy Doctor Who 2014 Day Planner

Doctor Who 2014 Day Planner

Doctor Who 2014 Day Planner

How to you keep track of you appointments, homework and other tasks?

If you are a Doctor Who fan then you use this 2014 day planner.

Yes on the cover it says Diary and I guess that is how the English call a day planner.

This 2014 Doctor Who day planner has a hardcover and a ring bound inside with 120 pages of Doctor Who goodness.

One week spans two pages in this Doctor Who planner and that gives you plenty of room to write all those important things.
And this Doctor Who planner has notes and info about all the episodes from series 7 and yes their will be spoilers if you did not seen it.

So if you don’t have a 2014 day planner yet then what are you waiting for come and get your Doctor Who 2014 Day Planner.