buy 4th Doctor’s Scarf Pajama Pants

4th Doctor’s Scarf Pajama Pants

Dr. Who 4th Doctor's Scarf Pajama Pants

Of course Doctor number 4 is one of the classic and famous Doctor Who characters out there and one of the things that made him famous was his long scarf.

And now a Doctor Who fan like you can have pajama pants that look like the scarf of the Doctor.

Yes funny colored lines on a pair of pajama pants makes people think you are wearing a scarf.

These Doctor Who pajama pants are made from 100% jersey cotton and come in sizes XS to 3XL so that many members of your family can get the size they need.

I think it would be fun to wear these pajama pants while watching reruns of the old Doctor Who episodes.

Get your 4th Doctor’s Scarf Pajama Pants

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