buy 10th Doctor Women’s Sweater

10th Doctor Women’s Sweater

Doctor Who 10th Doctor Women's Sweater

This black sweater is not to much black as the front and back are covered with a picture related to Doctor Who.

It seems like the Tardis has landed on a planet as you can see stars and planets in the sky on the front and back of this women’s pullover. And on the front you can see the Tardis in the back and in front of that holding out his Sonic Screwdriver there is the 10th Doctor as played by David Tennant.

So after all that only the sleeves and the bottom and top edges remain black.

And girls this Doctor Who sweater comes in sizes XSmall – XLarge so you can enjoy the cooler weather in Doctor Who style.

Come and have a closer look at the front and back of this Doctor Who 10th Doctor Women’s Sweater.