buy 4th Doctor Scarf

4th Doctor Scarf

Now you can be just like the 4th Doctor or like Osgood (from the day of the doctor episode). This is replica of the scarf that was worn by both.

This deluxe Doctor Who scarf is 143 x 9 inch making it extra long just like the Doctor would like it.
And yes it has the colored stripes and fringes.

A Doctor Who fan would not want to wear anything else in the winter and that of course is a great reason for getting one.

Now you can feel a bit more like the 4th Doctor and all it took was a nice scarf.

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buy Tardis Scarf

Tardis Scarf

Shop for your Doctor Who Tardis Scarf

When it gets colder out you want to keep your body warm and a great way of doing that is by using a scarf.

The Doctor know this and if you remember the 4th one he always had his around his neck.

Now you can have your own Doctor Who themed scarf and this one looks like the Tardis.

This 6 foot long Tardis scarf is of course Tardis blue and has the doors from this famous police box on it.
Made from 100% acrylic this Doctor Who scarf will keep you warm nicely and it is a nice thick scarf to make sure you survive winter.

Make a friend or yourself happy with this Doctor Who Tardis Scarf.

buy Tardis Scarf

Tardis Scarf

Dr. Who Tardis Scarf

A Tardis scarf is what every Doctor Who fan needs in winter.

And now you can have this amazing blue scarf that has the doors to the Tardis printed on it.

This Doctor Who scarf is made by American Apparel and is super soft and made in the USA.
With a length of  93 inch this scarf is great to wrap around and enjoy the warmth it will give you. This Doctor Who Tardis scarf is made from 100% Jersey cotton to make it they way a scarf should.

Maybe the 4th Doctor would have gone for this scarf if it was an option in those days as it just looks amazing and it has the Tardis on it.

Surprise a friend or your self with this Doctor Who Tardis Scarf.

buy Red Dalek Beanie Hat

Red Dalek Beanie Hat

Winter maybe coming again this year and then you may need a fun hat.

How about a Doctor Who beanie?

This beanie hat is shaped like the top of a Dalek, a red Dalek to be precise.

This one size fits most hat will make Doctor Who fans look and be amazed and people who don’t know the Doctor won’t understand.

Of course you may have to be careful when you run into the Doctor as you never know what the Dalek hat will do when it has the opportunity to exterminate the Doctor.

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