buy Doctor Who 2017 Week Planner

Doctor Who 2017 Week Planner

Now you can plan your life with this Doctor Who planner for 2017.

The Doctor Who diary is based on series 8 and that means that it does include images from that Doctor Who season and that means that you will find the 12th Doctor, Clara Oswald and even Missy.

The week planner is great for school, work and at home and it has plenty of writing space and an holiday calendar so that you know when your next day off is.

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buy Tardis Blue Messenger Bag

Tardis Blue Messenger Bag

This Tardis messenger bag is perfect for school, work and everyday use.

Inside this Doctor Who bag you find room for many things and there is even a laptop and tablet sleeve. There are 4 smaller pockets on the outside so that you can always have your things handy and at quick reach.

The padded adjustable strap makes it real comfortable to wear this messenger bag. And as you can see the bag is Tardis blue with the top sign and the windows.

Unfortunately Doctor Who did not confirm is it is bigger on the inside so many it is just a normal size messenger bag for Doctor Who fans.

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buy Tardis And Villains Backpack

Tardis And Villains Backpack

This Doctor Who backpack is all about the Tardis and the villains we all know and it shows all that in a comic style.

The Doctor Who backpack has panels just like a comic book and in those panels you can find many of the characters like the Tardis, Dalek, Cybermen and Weeping Angel.

A backpack like this is just perfect for a true Doctor Who fan and is great for everyday use or even for back to school because we all have stuff to carry around and a backpack from Doctor Who is a great way to carry it all.

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buy Stainless Steel Tardis Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Stainless Steel Tardis Wide Mouth Water Bottle

This Doctor Who water bottle is made from stainless steel and can hold up to 18oz of your favorite drinks.

And on the chrome finished bottle you can find the Tardis and the Doctor Who logo on the front and a bunch of rounds symbols on that back.

This wide mouth water bottle is great for everyday use and the wide mouth makes it easy to add things like ice cubes and the bottle also acts like a thermos and that means that your drinks can stay hot or cold for up to 6 hours.

A Doctor Who bottle like this one is great for school, work, the gym or anywhere else you are going and could get thirsty.

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buy 11th Doctor Notebook

11th Doctor Notebook

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of a notebook then this spiral bound notebook with the 11th Doctor on it could be just what you need.

On the cover of this notebook you can see a drawing of the 11th Doctor with his Sonic Screwdriver in his hand. It’s a great portrait of Matt Smith and I am sure that Doctor Who fans will love to own one of these.

The Doctor Who notebook is available a lined or graph version and has 120 pages. The notebook is 8.2 inch tall and 5.2 inch wide and would be great for school, work and just as a notebook around the house.

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buy Exploding Tardis Mini Notebook

Exploding Tardis Mini Notebook

Paper notebooks are so handy specially one that is the right size to travel with you where ever you go.

And if you are a Doctor Who fan then you are in luck because this is a mini journal just for you.

On the outside of the journal you can see Vincent van Gogh’s painting of the exploding Tardis and that makes this so cool to own.

Inside the Doctor Who notebook you will find lined pages and there even is a nice elastic to keep it all closed when on the go.

The exploding Tardis journal is 3 x 5 1/2 inch making it perfect for in almost any bag or even a jacket or pants pocket.

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buy Tardis Bad Wolf Water Bottle

Tardis Bad Wolf Water Bottle

If you are looking for a strong and handy Doctor Who water bottle then we found the perfect one for you.

This bottle is made from Tritan and has a plain see-through outer shell and a blue see-through inner shell and on the inner shell it shows the Tardis on one side and Bad Wolf on the other.

Inside the bottle offer room for 18oz of your favorite water and the spill proof top makes this a great bottle for many activities like sport, school, hiking or just reading at home.

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buy Tardis Faux Leather Backpack

Tardis Faux Leather Backpack

If you are looking for a shiny new Doctor Who backpack then maybe this Tardis backpack is perfect for you.

The backpack is blue and looks like it’s made from leather but no worries it’s made from 100% PU so it just looks like leather.

The Tardis blue backpack also has the front door o the Tardis on it and comes with two pockets one big main pocket and a smaller front pocket and the pockets have a special Doctor Who Tardis lining to.

School, work or fun this Doctor Who backpack could be the backpack of your choice for all those activities.

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buy Tardis Pencil Case

Tardis Pencil Case

Doctor Who Tardis Pencil Case

Pens and pencils need a home specially if you take them on your trips to school or work.

And that is why there now is this Doctor Who pencil case that can store all your important pens and pencils and other stationary stuff you need in one little pouch.

But this pencil case looks like the Tardis and that makes you wonder that it could be much bigger on the inside.

The outside dimensions of the pencil case are 6.75″ x 3.25″ x 3.25″ and it is made from flexible plastic with a zipper to open and close it.

So if you need to organize those pens and pencils then why not in this Doctor Who Tardis Pencil Case.

buy Doctor Who Stationary Set

Doctor Who Stationary Set

Doctor Who Stationary Set

Back to school, work or just at home we all need stationary stuff and if you are a Doctor Who fan then you are in luck.

This Doctor Who stationary set includes a pen, pencil, ruler mini notepad, eraser and a pencil sharpener.

And sure all these items have Doctor Who details on them like logo, Tardis, Dalek or a the Cybermen they are all there.

Just imagine having this to do you homework with it will be so much easier as it keeps you inspired to get the job done quick so you can watch the Doctor on TV.

So Doctor Who fans don’t wait come get your Doctor Who Stationary Set.