buy Floating Dalek Pen

Floating Dalek Pen

Dr. Who Floating Dalek Pen

We all still use pens to write with so why not get one that is more fun then a boring free pen you got while shopping.

This Doctor Who pen is special. The bottom part is blue and has the Doctor Who logo and  then above that there is a see through chamber with in it a little red Dalek and it floats around. When you move the pen the Dalek will move to.

And this Doctor Who Dalek pen has a black ink cartridge that unfortunately can’t be replaced.

Just imagine people around you in meetings or at school when you are writing with this fun Dalek pen.

Come and get your new pen, get your own Doctor Who Floating Dalek Pen.

buy Doctor Who Enemies Talking Pen

Doctor Who Enemies Talking Pen

Doctor Who Enemies Talking Pen

Above you can see a picture of what looks to be a normal pen with a couple of Dalek’s on it.

Of course the pen will write like any pen but there is more.

When you press the speaker on the top one of three sounds maybe heard:

  • Dalek gun blast
  • Cybermen “You will be deleted”

All of course typical sounds we know from the enemies of Doctor Who.

Besides making sounds this pen is blue and has a picture on it of a bunch of Dalek’s.

Just imagine your office or school day to be way more fun with this Doctor Who pen.

Get some sound in your life with this Doctor Who Talking Pen.

buy Dalek Exterminate Backpack

Dalek Exterminate Backpack

Dr. Who Dalek Exterminate Backpack

Little Doctor Who fans will love this Dalek backpack.

This backpack has two pockets both have zippers to close it and both have a Dalek on them. The front pocket of this Doctor Who backpack has the most space so it shows two Daleks ready to battle one keeps saying “Exterminate” like they do in real life.

Besides the closed pockets this Doctor Who Dalek backpack also has two mesh side pockets that are great for water bottles or juice packs.

And if you kid is gone carry this Doctor Who backpack a lot then don’t worry the padded straps make it comfortable to carry.

Time to schop for school and lets start with this Doctor Who Dalek Exterminate Backpack.

buy Tardis Metal Lunch Box

Tardis Metal Lunch Box

Dr. Who Tardis Metal Lunch Box

If you take you own lunch to school or work then you need a lunch box and as a Doctor Who fan you of course want a nice lunch box that has something to do with the Doctor.

We found this metal Tardis lunch box.

Unfortunately it is not bigger on the inside but it is a Tardis limited edition lunch box.
As expected the lunch box is mainly blue and looks like the blue police box that the Doctor used to travel to time and space and on the sides of the lunch box it says in big letters “Doctor Who”.

The Tardis lunch box is 8 5/8 x 6 3/4 x 4 inch in size and is great for work or school or to collect other things in.

When lunch time is coming you really want this Doctor Who Tardis Lunch Box.

buy Tardis Police Box Binder

Tardis Police Box Binder

Doctor Who Binder of the Tardis

Binders are great for school, home or the office but why get a boring one when you can get one that looks like the Tardis form Doctor Who.

This binder shows the top part of the Tardis. You can see the windows and the words “Police public call box” witch goes from the back to the front of the binder.

This Doctor Who binder is made by Avery and comes in sizes 1, 1.5 and 2 inch so that you get the binder with the right room inside because it may not be bigger on the inside. And this Tardis binder has 3 rings to hold everything secure.

Get this easy to find Doctor Who Tardis Binder.

buy River Song Journal

River Song Journal

Doctor Who River Song Journal

If you know River Song then you know the journal she carries around.

And now you as Doctor Who fan can have your own replica of that journal.

Now you can write the stories of your adventures or maybe use it for school or the office.

This Doctor Who journal on the outside looks a bit like the Tardis as it is blue and has the same kind of panels printed on it. And yes the cover is flat so not embossed like the one on TV.

On the inside this River Song’s journal has white pages that are lined for easy writing.

This hardcover journal is 5 x 8 inches and has 160 pages for you to write on.

Doctor Who fans now is the time to start writing your story on in this Doctor Who River Song’s Journal.