buy Bad Wolf Seat Belt Style Belt

Bad Wolf Seat Belt Style Belt

Dr. Who Bad Wolf Seat Belt Style Belt

Belts are one of those things you can’t live without. But most belts are just plain and boring.

Luckily for you we found the perfect Doctor Who belt to keep your pants up and make a statement at the same time.

This is a seatbelt style belt with a big seatbelt like closing buckle that has the Doctor Who logo on them.
And then there is the belt design itself, the background is all panels of the Tardis some with the door sign and others plain blue.
On top of that you can see in the typical spay paint style the words “Bad Wolf” are painted on it just like we seen it on the Doctor Who episode.
To have a better feel of how it looks simply click on the belts picture above to see more.

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