buy Wind Up Cybermen T-Shirt

Wind Up Cybermen T-Shirt

Doctor Who wind up cyberman t-shirt

Cybermen evolve and this Doctor Who t-shirt shows the newest evolution of this robot army.

On this t-shirt you can see a smaller version of a Cyberman and this one has a green energy source. You have to wind it up to make it go deleted things.
And like the Teletubbies this Cyberman has a TV on it’s belly and this one has the message deleted on it.

This Doctor Who t-shirt comes in a men and women’s cut and it also comes in a wide selection of size in the colors navy blue or black.

And this Cybermen is made from 100% cotton so that it doesn’t have to feel like a steel robot suit.

Lets show the world a greener version of the Cybermen by wearing this Doctor Who Wind Up Cyberman T-Shirt.

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