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Tardis Vortex Watch

Doctor Who Tardis watch

Telling time is something difficult for a time lord that travel through space and time all the time but with a special watch like this one it would be a lot easier.

This Doctor Who watch is 1.5″ in diameter and shows a space vortex and on that vortex you can see the hands on it that look a bit like sonic screwdrivers. But the coolest thing is the Tardis that is turning around the vortex every minute, it just keeps going and going.

The Doctor Who Tardis watch has a zinc alloy case and comes with a black faux leather strap.

And this Doctor Who watch comes in a great gift box for if you want to give it to a friend or just surprise your self.

If you don’t have a Doctor Who watch yet then you have to see this Doctor Who Tardis Watch.