buy Tardis Tin With Logo Shaped Mints

Tardis Tin With Logo Shaped Mints

Doctor Who Tardis Tin With Logo Shaped Mints

How cool would it be to have a little Tardis on your desk?

You know you can have this little Tardis on your desk and when you remove the roof you will find mints shaped like the Doctor Who logo witch also looks like the Tardis.

This Tardis tin is 8 cm high and 4.5 cm wide making it the perfect 3D Tardis for work or home.

Just imagine all the people surrounding your desk to try one of those amazing looking mints that are living in the Tardis.

This is an officially licensed Doctor Who product that seems to offer a huge supply of mints because the Tardis is bigger on the inside of course.

Come and get a fresh breath and a fun desk gadget with this Doctor Who Tardis Tin With Logo Shaped Mints.