buy 11th Doctor Bobblehead

11th Doctor Bobblehead

Now there is this fun 11th Doctor Bobblehead which is always there to shake his head at you.

The 11th Doctor is still my favorite and now there is this funny figurine made by Funko that shows the 11th Doctor like we know him in his famous jacket and holding his Sonic Screwdriver the only thing you may notice is that his head is a big bigger then we are used to.

Yes, the head is bigger and that is perfect as he will be shaking the head for a long time.

If you put this Doctor Who figure on your desk then he will be there to shake his head at what ever you do.

Get your 11th Doctor Bobblehead

buy Clara Oswald Bobblehead

Clara Oswald Bobblehead

Dr. Who Clara Oswald Wacky Wobller

There is Clara Oswald the girl that is the companion from the 11th and 12th Doctor Who and this figurine on Clara will make you head shake.

Or maybe it’s her head that shakes as it is a bobblehead figurine.

The figurine shows Clara at her best in a nice red dress and red sneakers and she has a stand to witch has the Doctor Who logo and her name on it.

The Clara Oswald bobblehead is about 7 inch tall and comes in a nice windowed box for if you want to keep her in new mint condition.

Any Doctor Who collector is gone love having this so come get your Doctor Who Clara Oswald Bobblehead.