buy Merry Whomas Christmas Card

Merry Whomas Christmas Card

Doctor Who Merry Whomas Christmas Card

Doctor Who fans would like to get a nice card this holiday season specially one related to the Doctor.

And this card could be it although it is a bit strange.

The card shows the Tardis in a snow covered landscape and it even has a Christmas wreath on the door and the text “Merry Whomas” written over it.

But there are some strange things happening on this card that almost needs the Doctors attention.

First there is a sticker on the Tardis door that says “toilet” then there is a fox actually using the Tardis to relieve himself and then there is some graffiti on the door that originally said “Bad Wolf” but now says “Bad Fox”.

So it is a strange card but the Doctor is a bit strange to so it could be the perfect Christmas card for a Doctor Who fan.

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