buy Keep Calm I’m The Doctor Bookmark

Keep Calm I’m The Doctor Bookmark

Doctor Who Keep Calm I'm The Doctor Bookmark

Paper books are still a great way to get your information. But the downside is if you don’t finish it then how do you remember where you are?
A Doctor Who bookmark could make you life a lot easier as that can tell you exactly on witch page your where.

This bookmark is blue on one side and white on the other and on both sides you can find a picture of the Tardis and the text “Keep Calm I’m The Doctor”.
Besides having fun printing the Doctor Who bookmark even has a tassel so that you can have it stick out of your book to make it even easier to find you page.

And to make sure this bookmark doesn’t get damaged when not in a Doctor Who book they put it in a sturdy sleeve that keeps it protected when not in use.

Lets mark some pages with this Doctor Who Keep Calm I’m The Doctor Bookmark.