buy Tardis Wrist / Pocket Watch

Tardis Wrist / Pocket Watch

Doctor Who Tardis Wrist / Pocket Watch

Now Doctor Who fans can get this Tardis Wrist / Pocket Watch that is just amazing.

This Doctor Who watch is really special and you should click on the image to see other images about this cool watch.

This is not just a wrist watch because you can fold the sides up and then the watch comes out and it comes with a chain to make it into a pocket watch with a nice Tardis buckle on the end.

And the Doctor Who watch itself has a nice blue strap with lots of Tardis details you need to see up close.

And to make this Doctor Who watch a really nice thing to have they get your this Tardis watch in a nice wooden box with a metal Tardis on top.

This really is an different unique and amazing thing to have.

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