buy Tardis Pom Pom Laplander Hat

Tardis Pom Pom Laplander Hat

Doctor Who Tardis laplander hat

Yes it is getting cold outside and that means you need a nice winter hat.

Doctor Who fans are lucky because now there is the laplander hat that is Tardis blue and even has the Tardis on it. OK not the whole Tardis but the windows and the top sign that says “Police public call box” and that makes it looks like the whole Tardis is there somewhere.

This winter hat will cover your ears and even has some braids going to the side to make it even better and yes there is a blue pom pom on the top.

One size fits most as this Tardis hat of course is bigger on the inside.

Get ready for winter by wearing thisĀ Doctor Who Tardis Pom Pom Laplander Beanie Hat.