buy Tardis Metal Lunch Box

Tardis Metal Lunch Box

Dr. Who Tardis Metal Lunch Box

If you take you own lunch to school or work then you need a lunch box and as a Doctor Who fan you of course want a nice lunch box that has something to do with the Doctor.

We found this metal Tardis lunch box.

Unfortunately it is not bigger on the inside but it is a Tardis limited edition lunch box.
As expected the lunch box is mainly blue and looks like the blue police box that the Doctor used to travel to time and space and on the sides of the lunch box it says in big letters “Doctor Who”.

The Tardis lunch box is 8 5/8 x 6 3/4 x 4 inch in size and is great for work or school or to collect other things in.

When lunch time is coming you really want this Doctor Who Tardis Lunch Box.